How to Sell and Make Money With eBay Gift Card in Nigeria.

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How to Sell an eBay Gift Card in Nigeria.

How to make money with eBay gift card

Gift cards are given to loved ones, friends, clients, or some other persons to purchay whatever they may like on an online store like eBay. In fact, gift cards are one of the most brilliant ideas to gift a friend or lover for his/her birthday, for instance, or for Christmas, or Thanksgiving Day. 

With eBay gift card, there is scope to have a look at thousands of items online available from sellers across the globe.

Some people do not like gift cards and would not like to tell the sender: “I don’t want a gift card.”  If you’ve been given an eBay gift card that you do not want to use, then you can swap the gift card for cash. This is exactly what you’re gonna learn how to do in this article.


Selling an eBay Gift Card.

It is no doubt that gift cards presents are ingenious ways to gift someone. This way, you have given the person the chance to suit himself/herself on an online store. Traditionally, you’ll buy whatever pops up on your mind; what you think the person might like. You might be wrong because the gift you bought may end up been kept away— he doesn’t like it. So, gift cards like the eBay gift card would be perfectly fine.

eBay is cool and it offers access to all kinds of great gifts, but what if you really need cash and not some online item? Then all you need to do is sell your eBay gift card for cash.

1 Sell Directly to Legit Vendors.

The first option to think about is to sell directly to legit vendors across the country. There are so my vendors who deal in all kinds of gift cards, cash wallets and even cryptocurrencies convert. You can source for them online, on social media, YouTube and even digital markets. But make sure to be careful not to fall in the hands of those who would dupe you.

For instance if you have a $100 gift card, for business purposes you might want to do a 20% discount and sell it for $80 or thereabouts. Just for the cash so you can treat yourself better.

2 Convert on Paxful.

The second way to convert your eBay gift card to cash is to convert it on Paxful.

Although, Paxful is used to buy, sell, and convert bitcoin and other altcoins, it could also be used to convert gift cards like eBay gift card, Amazon gift card, Walmart card, and other gift card like McDonald’s.

More interestingly, you can convert your eBay gift card and other kinds of gift cards to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This way you get to mine with whatever amount your eBay gift card worth. And that’s another profitable investment for you entirely.



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