How to Start a Goat Farming Business in Nigeria

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To start a business has been running on your mind for a long time now. You’re confused on what to start exactly— the kind of startups you should delve into. Although, there are numerous ways of making money. These unmentioned numerous ways have one thing in common: business. Without a business, you can’t make money; whether online or offline. Another thing money making businesses have in common is marketing: you must know how to use the market to make money.

In one of my posts published a few weeks ago, I talked about starting a Grass Cutter farming business; how to develop it, and how to make money from it. Well, in this post, I’ll be talking about the goat farming business: how to start, development, and most importantly, making money.

Overview of the Goat Farming Business

Livestock breeding and production is one of the most profitable branch of agro business. In fact, in recent times, people going into the agricultural business are more likely to go into livestock. 

One of the most profitable kind of livestock rearing is the Goat Farming.  In the last post I published a few weeks ago, I talked about Grass Cutter farming business and how to make money from it.

Goat rearing is by far, one of the most intensive livestock farming. It is confirmed by many farmers and lovers meat that it is one of the tastiet and most lucrative kind of animal farming. Health experts have also confirmed that it lower in fat than Chicken and has an incredible amount of protein, higher than beef. This means that it is better than beef and chicken.

Setting up a Goat Farm

To kickstart your goat farming business, you need to set up a Goat Farm. This means that you’re about to go into a life of pastoralism or what we can also call countryside farming. So to start a goat farm, you need the following:

  • Wide Area for Grazing
  • Fencing
  • Housing
  • Species
  • Veterinary.

Wide Area for Grazing

Once you’ve established something, it needs to be protected security-wise. So, to secure your goat farm land, you can construct a fence around the perimeter with wood, cement or barbed wire. Barbed wire is considered the most protective: it is difficult to scale through, escape from (goats), as well as scaring rodents and predators away. The area should be free from snakes, dogs, rodents, insects, and other harmful elements. 

Housing the Goats

Just like humans, goats also need shelter. Since they are the reason you established a goat farming business, you have to provide for them house for them to live in within the farm. This will keep them from rain and other climate factors like cold. It will be dangerous and deadly for goats if they are left in the rain or cold. They become unhealthy when they stay out throughout the cold night. 

Also, goats like some privacy. So, if you would establish housing for your goats, you should build a house that would house a few number of goats or a house big enough for each goats to get some privacy. Make sure the house is comfortable for living. 

You can also clean their houses regularly; Morning and evening. They shit a lot.

Choosing the Species for Rearing

There are different species or breeds in the goat farming business. Some are suitable for meat, some are suitable for cheese, some are suitable for butter and milk. Choose the kind of species you want to rear. You also need to consider the kind of goat popular to your business locale.

Veterinary services

Establishing a goat farming business isn’t a joke. To maintain this business, you need to maintain the health of the goats. You’ll need to have appointments with expert vet doctors for treatments and vaccinations— periodic check-up vaccinations. You can hire a private vet doctor or use Government owned vet clinic personnels.



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