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Google search console is a must have for all webmasters, Do you own a website or maintain the website of a company? if you do then you might want to keep an eye on such site’ performance, this performances rendered by Google search console is a technical analysis which includes; total clicks on the site, the impression, the average click through rate, the average position and many more.

Google search console come in handy when you need to really have your site adhere to Google rules and have good rankings which will help your site/article from your site appears on Google search when any keyword related to your article is being look up on Google.

Google search console has been created to give you full technical performance of your site, utilizing the full potential of this webmaster tool will keep you updated with any technical issues occurring on your site, most times this issues includes crawl error AMP issues, broken links or an issue with the sitemap.

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To be able to use Google search console you must have a Google mail (Gmail) account which almost everyone has these days, next thing to do is go ahead to create Google search console account , I want these steps to be very easy so the use of screenshot will come in handy here.

This first step will show how you can add your site to your Google search console dashboard, to do this, you click on the add new property  from the box provided to enter the URL (website address) of your website, once you are done with this , you will be asked to verify the ownership of the website you added, for the sake of this article we will be using www.example.com. To verify your website you can use many ways but if your website is based on WordPress then I will strongly suggest you install the YOAST SEO plugin and use the ‘HTML tag’ if you need YOAST premium plugin contact me.

The next step is login to Wordpres and navigate to the YOAST SEO dashboard and click on the ‘webmaster tool’ section, you can then copy the code from your Google search console and paste it into the space provided, after saving the process on wordpress dashboard you can return to Google search console and click on verify.

If there is no mistake then your site should be successfully connected to your Google search console account. Time to explore (winks).

Do not forget the search console has many features such as impression, clicks, sitemaps, average position and Click through rate, it also has the index function so one must be very skilled at using all of these features for a good ranking.

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