IBTForum Reviews : Check to know if site is legit or scam

IBTForum is no messiah, this is another one of many programs that are not well thought before they started them.

IBTForum is like NNU, Nairalovers and those bunch of read news and earn a penny website, before we nail IBTForum to the cross, let’s first look into how they operate, who they are and the earning opportunity they offer.

Who owns IBTForum?

Just like every other shitty program out there, IBTForums decided not to display their founder’s biography because they are not proud of their innovation so they can’t afford to display their head shot on their site.

What do IBTForums do?

In my honest review, IBTForums do nothing other than placing adverts on their site, for the time being, those adverts comes google AdSense and other adverts serving community.

The second  thing they do is make people share their ads to social media sites so people can get to know about them and probably try to run ads with them on the long run.

I’m sure no serious individual  will go to IBTForums for ads where there is google and facebook, the funniest thing is ITBForums claimed people run adverts with them but they themselves are running ads on facebook to get known, it’s just facebook running ads on IBTForums. (you get the picture now ?)

Another point that is worth mentioning is that IBTForums claimes that Google, facebook, Jumia, propeller ads etc are their partners, don’t be tricked by that silly claims, all they have is adsense approved account, I run adsense ads on my blog too and that doesn’t mean am into partnership with them, google can decide to block any adsense anytime, they don’t owe anyone any excuse.

How to earn with IBTForums

There are basically 3 ways to earn through IBTForums program, these ways are:

  1. Sharing of sponsored posts.
  2. Writing
  3. Referral commission

Particpant can earn through IBTForums by sharing their sponsored posts, each sponsored post will fetch you NGN 100, you can only share 3 in a day.

2nd way of earning through IBTForums program is by writing articles for them, any accepted article will fetch you NGN 1000.

3rd way to earn through IBTForums program is no other way than through referral commission, just like every other shitty program out there, you have to refer someone, and the platform itself depends on some income from that referral program to pay you and to survive.

Final judgment

If NNU crashed, and those countless others that copied the ideology behind NNU then what’s the hope for IBTForums? What fire are they bringing to this cold world of shitty refer, read news and get paid thinking?.

In my honest opinion I will advise you to stay away from them, they are other better ways to earn online like Bitcoin, FOREX, affiliate marketing, blogging, gift cards and many more.

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