Importance of YouTube channel to your blog site

If you are reading this article, there is great chance that you know the importance of YouTube channel, we all know YouTube, hey! I don’t mean everyone on God’s earth knows YouTube, but 90% of people that uses the internet know YouTube. we might not know the importance of YouTube channel for a blog site or why people create or run YouTube channel but every now and then we fall back on a YouTube video for countless reason which might include football highlights of matches we missed, a step by step video explainer, comedy skits, and you can also live-stream events on YouTube.

importance of youtube channel to your blog

Other social network such as Facebook , Instagram also has the features but YouTube is arguably known as n0 1 video platform and it will remain the best at that.

I know you won’t be surprised if I tell you people make money by uploading video to YouTube, hey! Don’t take this to your  head and start uploading people’s video without their consent, Google has a ton of well set up algorithm in place to hunt you down in no time, this post is not on how you can make money from a YouTube channel so we won’t digress to that area. To be able to upload video to YouTube you will need a YouTube channel, you can read up on how to create a YouTube channel here.

Now that we know what YouTube is, we can move on to look at its importance to your blog site and you can take advantage of this and use it to the fullest.

Importance of YouTube channel to a blogger


importance of youtube channel to your blog site

 One of the importance of running a YouTube channel as a blogger is that it generate or serves as additional source of traffic, millions of people visit YouTube daily, I can’t even count the number of times I watch YouTube video in a single day, truth is I always have things to watch, if I’m not stuck catching up on some hot moments I missed on BBnaija, then I might be watching some comedies, or music videos like black skin girl (hehehe). So as a blogger or Vlogger you need a YouTube channel to convey your message the easiest way to your audience, to be honest it’s boring to read through 1,500 word articles, so most people will prefer to watch an explainer video and move on.

It is of great importance is this will generate you more readers and audience, communicating with/to your audience in diverse ways (audio, video and writing) is better than articles alone, not to forget the fact that these YouTube videos can make you new readers when they search for keyword relating to a video you have and your video(s) comes up in the list of available videos. So you utilize this free tool to grow your audience and get popular.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Importance of youtube channel to your blogsite

          Most times when you search a keyword on Google you see videos in the results, this means Google rank video the same way they rank articles, for example I have an article that teaches how to make fake video call, when you search the keyword “how to make fake video call”so it a kind of added advantage if you have a video created for some of your blog post and link the two, this way you will have visitors from multiple source and this will strengthen your SEO score and increase your site audience.

So having a video for many articles on your blog is a great way to rack in more readers and that way Google will value your site well and rank you well.

This best way to do this is by dropping a link to the YouTube video meant for that article at the end of the article, this way your site will have strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this is not the only way to have good SEO score, so you will do well to read up on how to use the Google Search Console, combining these tools with good article Google will see your site as a good authority site and rank you high in searches.

You can also read up on how to get more readers to your blog site here

Help Earnings

importance of youtube channel to your blog site

I’m saying this for the umpteenth time, more viewers’ engagement leads to more active readers and indirectly leads to more earning from any ADS system be it Google Adsense, Media.net or any other one you might be using or consider to use.

            Apart from the fact that YouTube can redirect viewers to your blog and make you earn money, you can as well monetize your YouTube channel and make passive income from it. It not as easy as it sounds , you have to have 1k subscribers before you can you can monetize your YouTube channel so you will have to put in some considerable amount of work and time.

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