Inksnation pinkcoin Review: is inksnation or pinkcoin legit or scam?

Ever heard of inksnation? Or pinkcoin? One Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewanu believes he can end poverty in Nigeria through his creation or innovation called inksnation or pinkcoin.

Critique Review of inksnation

I made a review about inksnation on my youtube channel and one individual drop a hate comment, he dropped his number too I had to call him and we spoke for 13 mins on the phone.

I learnt some interesting things from the guy pertaining to inksnation, later on the founder of inksnation pinkcoin called me and we spoke for 9 minutes, he later chatted me for long on whatsapp, I won’t be sharing the conversation but if you want to see it you can write me an email via Slooreviews@gmail.com and I will do a screen record and forward it to you.

The coin is in the ICO stage, what does ICO means? This stands for initial coin offering, company with real services do IPO (initial products offering) , if you partake in IPO you own a share in the company, but ICO is quite different, you either get a token or coin which is different from IPO.

Having the background knowledge of ICO and IPO we know inksnation have no services other than coin, coins that have no services will never make it on any exchange, I’ve been participating in ICO as far back as 2017, trust me I know how this works and I tell you inksnation is nowhere close or near to a coin that will survive.

Let’s get technical a bit, the founder believes the inksnation coin called pinkcoin increases in value everytime a person joins the platform, now that is dumbest idea on God’s earth, if it increases in price in that manner then who is paying the difference since the coin is not attached to any services?

How exactly is inksnation supposed to end poverty in Nigeria with 144,000,000 (144 million) coin? I thought of the idea and I think the guy behind this should be hospitalized and have a brain check.

While I was chatting with him, he shared a screenshot to show me the worth of the coin and each coin is worth over $500 on their site, the worth of the coin keeps increasing on their site.

A coin’s value should be determined by supply and demand on an exchange sites, no one is trading inksnation pinkcoin so far and the worth keeps increasing just like TBC (The billion Dollar coin) TBC took millions from many individuals for many years and till today they haven’t launched on any exchange site, they are not tradable.

Below is the info and worth of a single pinkoin which is $539.09

Speaking on exchange, I asked the founder of inksnation or pinkcoin of the exchange company  or site that pinkcoin will be traded on, he said it won’t be on any popular exchange that it will be on a decentralized exchange DEX, so I asked if they already have one or they will create that too, and he said they will create one, lol.

He said inksnation pinkcoin won’t be tradable, if the coin won’t be tradable then how would one cashout of it to eradicate the poverty? There is a dummy video he shared to me sounding like a robot, he couldn’t say 5 lines about his innovation, he was reading it from a screen that shows how serious he was about pinkcoin.

Video of him reading from a screen and claiming they reached out to him below.

There was another video she shared to me about pinkcard claiming he has made over 40,000 naira with the pinkcard, I asked who created the card for them, I was expecting him to mention mastercard or some popular high tech companies but he said it is a plastic card and each member have to print it.

Really? What is the usefulness of the card if it doesn’t have a chip? Meaning no information or computational analysis can be programmed into it.

He went on to say the card has a QR code, it was that point I know this project lack visionary leader and is doomed to fail, for Christ sake, what is the importance of a QR code? QR code can only holds information embedded into it and not  a program, meaning you can’t use the card on ATM.

To me the pinkcard is very useless, then he went on to say the card can be used to purchase stuffs online, this guys is so confused, how can you purchase with a card that doesn’t has a chip, a card that doesn’t hold any forms of money, what digit will you enter into payment section on ecommerce site? Even paypal ATM card are produced by master card, and it has  a chip, pinkcard is just a business card, designed and printed, nothing is programmed into it.

The voice note he sent to me about the pinkcard below.

As for the QR code on the card I can scan it, create another QR code and put the same information on another card, that’s no brainer. That shows the QR code is very useless and in turns the pinkcard is just like any printed business card.

The last part I will be discussing about this program called inksnation or pinkcoin is about the letter he claimed he wrote to EFCC, if the letter is the only thing or part of the things that made you believe in this project then kindly ignore inksnation or pinkcoin, the letter is an attempt to lure you into the program, the letter was not sent to EFCC, so if you think EFCC will come after him if the project fails then you are missing something.

The letter below…


I seriously don’t know why he didn’t take the letter to EFCC office to prove the point he wanted to prove.

This article is lengthy already but he said something about China and India inviting him over to start the project in their country, lolz…..(This guy is such a comedian).

In conclusion, inksnation or pinkcoin won’t work out, he or the coin can’t eradicate poverty in Nigeria or anywhere on God’s earth, people that believes in insknation are probably people that are new to crypto currency or people looking for free or easy money.

Inksnation is a scam, don’t let some idiot brainwash you with coins value that keep rising, pinkcard with QR code that a JSS1 student can create, a letter he didn’t send to EFCC, China and Indian that don’t know he exists.

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17 responses to “Inksnation pinkcoin Review: is inksnation or pinkcoin legit or scam?”

  1. Newton says:

    You must be feeling really smart right now.

    If there’s a slightest chance that inksnation can really end all the sufferings in Nigeria and the world.

    Won’t you want that? Or are you DEVIL that don’t like good things?

    Let’s give this guy a chance please and let’s see if he can really pull this off.

    • I think you are the one that lacks critical thinking here, any person in right state of mind would know this project is a trash, but as for you thinking this project will fetch you free money, you need prayer bro.

  2. […] I wrote a 1,000 words extensive review about why inksnation is nothing but a scam, you can read about it from this link. […]

  3. Oyedele says:

    Solomon Julius gv me ur whatapp number

  4. Charles says:

    What company, that is a scam will allow to to collect 75 percent of their refferal money giving dem only 25 percent. Think about it. Give them a chance and as for the pinkard that one u saw is only to be used for refferal only, according to the voice notes I heard he said is working on it, do not turn
    His words upside down. Give him a chance.

  5. teeeee says:

    I also chatted with one of their admins, he said they need to reach 18m peple before they can start paying $500 each totalling $9bn becuase with 18m people they will have $10b in their capital base. I asked how they do they intend the subsequent month from the mere $1bn left, he has since not replied that question.

    I also asked who values the pinkoin since it is not available on any market or financial site, he said the coin is unique at it is not traded like other coins and hence can’t fall in value, that only inksnation determines the value. So I asked how do you plan to make a currency that cant be traded openly a general acceptable coin? He didn’t answer talhat till date also.

    They are scammers and always tend remove or mute anyone that questions them on their telegram group.

  6. Coker says:

    What’s your own Idea to End poverty in Nigeria..I need a straight answer from you.

  7. Wilson says:

    You can’t just jump into concluded that inksnation is scam and about the part you said that he didn’t send the letter to efcc come to think about it if it was scam will he be louding it to efcc rather will be be exposing his identity online Mr solo alll these 1000 words u typed na trash okay ooo if the owner of inksnation was a scammer why is inksnation banner already in some banks??
    Any person that wants to scam will hide his/her identity but he doesn’t cos he knows what he is doing come to think about it

  8. toto says:

    Which bank has inks nations banner?

    The way the guys lie to advertise their scam is funny.

    Banks haven’t displayed btc banner but it is only pinkoin which stone is more valuable and can’t even be traded for a piece of trash that will be displayed by banks.

    I only those gullible ones that will use their money as exchangers come August and wont be able to do anything with the accumulated pinkoin.

    They will cry

  9. toto says:

    What their UDI does is simple, give them pinkard loaded with 70k and ask them to remit 20k. He only needs you to do the rough and hard work of convincing people, he doesn’t no d you get 50k while he gets 20k becuase he gets that 20k from as many people as possible everyday. It is a win-win for both parties. He is not doing You any favour taking the 50k. Many people wouldn’t have aggressively been involved in referring people if there wasn’t the 50k profit involved.

    UDI can’t come outside to defend or talk about his koin. Habe You ever found him on any TV channel or in a reputable institution convincingly talking about his project? He knows just few stro g questions will unsettle and burst him.

  10. X-moreupdate says:

    Yeah,all this is true,i write to efcc myself they told me they haven’t verified it and they add that I should be diligent.
    If you need the screenshot,DM.

  11. But inksnation is registered with corporate affairs company when i comfirmed. Doesn’t it prove that it is not scam?

  12. Jamosmart says:

    Sorry mr solomon kudos to u💪
    Any recommend online paying site🙈 is time to leave inksnation🙄🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

  13. Cleverson says:

    I am confused,cause I invest already,who is going to help me now

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