Inksnation Review: Inksnation is a big scam

Ever heard of Inksnation? by now you might have probably bought some pinkcoin that’s worth over $500 per coin sitting on your dashboard and there is nothing you can probably do with it.

Inksnation is a scam, the guy called amos is not skilled to deliver such a project, from my findings and chat i had with him I deduced the program is a failure.

I wrote a 1,000 words extensive review about why inksnation is nothing but a scam, you can read about it from this link.

I will be summarizing the lengthy article into 5 points here and call it a show.

1) Amos said China as a country reached out to him to come start the poverty eradication program in their country, we’ll need him to explain which medium they contacted him on, is it through phone call? whatsapp chat or email.

Who signed the letter? China’s president? Vice President? we need him to show document for the conversation so we can really validate his claims about china.

2) If inksnation is not a scam then he should show evidence that India contacted him to come and start his poverty eradication coin in their country, we will like to know the date they contacted him, through what medium, the person that contacted him.

3) What determines the value of pinkcoin and why does it keep increasing like the billion coin that stay useless till date?

4) Why is pinkcard not produced by a high tech company like mastercard? why is it just a plastic card with QR code on it?

He said the card will be used for online shopping , but it can’t hold money or pinkcoin itself so how does he plan to achieve that unreasonable claim?

5) Why is he deceiving people that he wrote a letter to EFCC when he didn’t take the letter to EFCC office? since he wants to make a deal with EFCC, when is he taking the letter there to get it signed?

If he can answer all of those questions up there then we can move to other technical questions like what phase is the decentralized exchange (DEX) he is designing and when will the beta testing will be out for the public.

If you haven’t wasted money on this scam called inksnation then stay away, those people speaking positive of this program are only those promoting it so you can join through them so they can make some money off your head.

We don’t care about referral commission here at slooreviews, we care more about your safety, don’t trust those saying 1 thousand naira is a small money, if 1 milliom people buy inksnation scam coin called pinkcoin, they will run away with around a billion naira.

So las las inksnation na scam…

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9 responses to “Inksnation Review: Inksnation is a big scam”

  1. Samuel Obasi says:

    Really Love your site. You Guys are doing a great Job. I was planning to sign up for the inks nation.io. b4 I ran into UR site that have just saved me from throwing away my Hard earned Money. UR Guys are the Best. Keep up the Good work

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  3. Ayo says:

    Thanks for this eye-opening

  4. Taiwo Oluwaferanmi says:

    you are golden bro

  5. Olajide Olusegun says:

    Thanks for this bail out. I’m sincerely gratified for not joining the loop of inksnation scam. However, I would like if u can recommend some legit paying investments to venture into.
    Thanks in Anticipation🙏

  6. Slymoney says:

    Thanks dz saved me

  7. Victor says:

    Thanks for the truth told

  8. X-moreupdate says:

    Good content but do you realize that he is not the one spending the that money? And he didn’t say any thing about china and india calling.

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