Instant kash review: Is instant kash legit or scam?

Ever heard of instant kash ? this will be the most honest instant kash review on God’s earth.

Before i decided to write about instant kash, I’ve Googled a lot of shit about them and i’m so disappointed in how people are showering praises on them.

Most bloggers will say positive things about all programs because of the referral commission they will get when you register using their referral link.

Here at Slooreviews we don’t do such, we give the honest reviews all time so you won’t be disappointed when any program crashes.

Speeding away from that i’m also disappointed that most Nigerian Youth don’t come up with creative ideas when they try to invent things.

Since the inception of NNU, over 50 of it’s type have surfaced with different names but with the same lame idea of paying people for reading news and some other irrelevant tasks and instant kash is a very good example of such bad programs.

NNU crashed which means every other programs trying such shit is doomed to crash sooner or later.

Most of these programs only survive with the affiliate program, it’s nothing but a ponzi/pyramid scheme, you bring in people and pay and they keep a fraction of the money, that’s how they run the business until people stop registering then they will increase the cash out threshold and later close down and do away with your money .

I don’t know what’s special about reading news and earning that everyone is duplicating the system and trying to dupe people of their hard earned money.

I expected people to have learnt their lesson and know the type of programs to invest their money into, but most of us in Nigeria have greed so tends to look for easy money and in most cases we end up getting scammed.

Valuebox took away millions from several people all in the name of forex and binary trading shit.

Others still went ahead to invest racksterly that is doomed to fail and many other bad investments like mulabux, nextlevelpay among many others.

I will advise you stay away from this program, if you have the knack for easy money then you will lose more money than you will ever gain.

Look for better investment like piggyvest, rubies bank, bitcoin and the likes, but be sure you have proper knowledge of how it works before you go into it.

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