Intelligence Prime Capital Scam Review

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intelligence prime capital scam review

Intelligence Prime Capital is Forex broker which offers 3 major services which includes Personal Trading, Copy Trading and AIA system trading. We would get to those shortly, but it’s important to mention that Intelligence Prime Capital or IPCapital for short claims to be domiciled in this address 1 YONGE STREET, SUITE 1304 TORONTO ON M5E 1W7, that is a Canadian address, below is a screenshot of some Google research I did on that address

That shows a proof that the Address is real, the screenshot was taken from OpenGovCa which is believed to belong to the Canadian Government Authority, you might want to do a little research on that to be sure if the site really belong to Canadian Authority.

Moving on to the 3 services they render as mentioned earlier which are Personal Trading, Copy Trading and AIA system trading. Personal Trading is self explanatory, it’s when you trade yourself, to trade yourself you need good experience as the Forex market is very volatile.

Copy Trading is when your portfolio is synchronization with a well experienced trader, in this case, whichever trade such trade decide to take would be automatically placed on your account too, the lot size might differ as equity differs. this forms of trading isn’t that risky but it’s good to know it’s nit risk-free either.

AIA System Trading is the major form of trading practiced by Intelligence Prime Capital with their Forex robot which they claimed has an outstanding performance of 98% ROI during their months of beta testing. The AIA System is available in 3 packages which are displayed in the screenshot below.

The SMART BOT cost $19.90 subscription fee a lifetime, minimum deposit is $100, Maximum is $300 and it carries out between 1 or 2 auto trading per day with 15% monthly ROI.

The BRILLIANT BOT cost $39.90 subscription fee a lifetime, minimum deposit is $100, Maximum is $1,000 and it carries out between 1 or 3 auto trading per day with 30% monthly ROI.

The GENIUS BOT cost $99.90 subscription fee a lifetime, minimum deposit is $100, Maximum is No Limit and it carries out between 1 or 4 auto trading per day with 45% monthly ROI.

Is Intelligence Prime Capital Legit or Scam ?

This is the big question with a big question mark, I know you want a straight forward answer, but it doesn’t come that easy. Intelligence Prime Capital made a lot of claims with proofs backing up each of the claims, and the shocking thing is , there are independent bodies out there with links to these mighty claims, so from end it looks pretty clean, but on the other hand they offer a fixed return on investment which are way too high.

I made a youtube video stating the claims and proofs of intelligence prime capital, I will advice you take a look from the thumbnail below as i might not cover all the claims in this write-up.

The video was 100% review of Intelligence Prime Capital PDF and verification of every claims in it , if you want to invest a penny into this venture then i will advice you watch the video right away.

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