Is trade4me.com.ng scam or legit?

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Trade4me.com.ng review should be the first word you should look up on Google to see what people are saying about their services before you invest a dime with them.

Next time you want to invest in any program I will implore you to look up the business name on google by adding review to it as suffix or second word, for example if you want to know what people are saying about this blog slooreviews, all you have to do is search “sloorevies review” on Google and you will sure see some mind blowing reviews.

So moving on with trade4me, I saw their ads on facebook and I took a screenshot so I can check what they do. Below is the screenshot I took.


I checked their site and the first thing I notice is the eye-sore design and fonts they used, this shows they are not properly organized enough to set up a good site.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to hire a seasoned web designer to help them design a very eye appealing website instead of the trash they came up with.

Future of portfolio management in forex trading

I don’t always feel good with the idea of giving out accounts to individuals you don’t have personal relationship with, things will always go wrong at some point, my instincts are telling me these individuals behind trade4me came across a trading bots and think it’s the perfect solution to make money from FX trading.

There is no perfect robot out there to trade the forex market without human supervision, so at some points there will be issues as robots only follow technical analysis and not fundamental analysis.

Few months ago a company called boxvalue got sealed by the Security and Economic Commission because of services as this, I made a review about them too and you can read it HERE.

Boxvalue made away with millions of naira, they might good intentions while their robot fucked them up so they won’t have any chance than to run away with the remaining money.

You can look them up on Google to see how many people are complaining of how much they lose to the program.

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What if you are able to make 10,000 for 20 days? Isn’t that 200k? small money can add up to bigger amount if you are consistent, 10,000 is just $30, I have forex trading courses that can teach you to earn at least $30 daily, I also offer 30 days money back guarantee if you fail to make money through forex trading after you purchase any of my courses.

Kindly note that I don’t help people to manage accounts, I get calls and text a lot of time for that request so I’m using this opportunity to announce to you all that I don’t manage account(s).

Check my forex trading courses at the end of this article.

Sorry for the advertisement, but I’m sure you are looking for ways to make money through forex trading so I had to recommend the right channel to you so you don’t get scammed.

I had to call the phone number I saw on trade4me contact page so I can have some words with them.

I asked if they are registered with SEC (Security and Economic Commission) but they said no.

I saw it on their site one will pay a one-time membership fee which is NGN 28,000 for portfolio within the range of $500-$5000, they also said the least amount you can have in your portfolio before you can become eligible for their program is $500.

Below is the audio record of the call I made with them.

Final judgment

Portfolio management in forex and binary option is not a secure investment, I will advise you stay away from it, and if you must do it at all then I will strongly advise you to do that will your spare money, money you can afford to lose.

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