Spike Detector: Hidden facts about the best spike detector Indicator for scalping

Have you come across the word spike detectors before? Do you know what spikes are ? and what indicators are ?

Spikes are sudden surge in the price action of an asset, in forex trading of currency pairs, the spike might be due to some news or development in the country of such currency.

This kind of occurrence which leads to spikes in Forex trading are called Fundamental analysis, so if you’re trading forex, you must be very careful so as not to get your account burnt/blown due to negligence towards fundamental analysis.

In synthetic Indices trading like Boom 500, 1000, Crash 500, 1000, Volatilities among many others that are simulated, meaning, they are manufactured in imitation of some other material such as stocks.

Markets like this are very volatile, but they bring in more profit compared to currency currency pairs trading. They are not affected by fundamental analysis (FA) but rather Technical Analysis (TA).

So for good profitability in synthetic trading, one must be good with TA and also have good indicators to help with the TA.

Haven’t given you the background knowledge of things, let’s move into our spike detector and see if there is any legit or authentic spike detector out there.

About 2 or 3 months ago, some groups of guys advertised spike detector on YouTube and sold fake spike detector to everyone that paid for it,

Good spike detector exist, but they are used by institutional traders, they are very costly to come about so big companies hires the best mathematicians, statistician and coder to help them come up with the safest algorithm to be able to study the chart and predict the future chart with a high winning percentage.

Spike detectors cost well over a thousand dollars ($1,000+), don’t panic yet guys, I’ve research and I have the best spike detector for you at a very low rate, all you have to do now is follow the video below to watch how I analyzed the spike detector indicator, how to use for optimum profitability.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me on +2349013024891 on whatsapp only. You do well to watch the video and also subscribe to the channel for educational content as this.

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    What is the best best indicator for spikes and how do I get that one of the arrows “blue arrows and red arrows”


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