How To Make 95% Profit Trading Pump N Dump Bitcoin Game

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There are many innovative ways of making money through bitcoin, this includes trading the bitcoin margin or difference in price, a good example is when you buy bitcoin at $50,000 and sell at $55,000 which would put you in profit of about $5,000.

Other ways of making money through bitcoin includes day trading, this is when you buy bitcoin in bits or smaller quantity, a good example is when you buy $50, $100, $200 quantity of bitcoin and sell when you have a sizable amount to attract a better rate.

Other new innovative ways of making money through bitcoin i see around lately is through a crypto based game called Pump N Dump This game is only available on JPEX exchange , jpex stands for Japan exchange, this is a new innovative crypto exchange platform that offers exciting features like the Pump N Dump, IAIA with spot and futures trading.

The Pump N Dump game is basically predicting the price of bitcoin over 45 seconds timeframe, you can either choose up or down, call or put, the lowest amount to use in playing this game is 1usdt, you can decide to increase the amount used in playing the game, only whole numbers can be used, meaning you can’t used 1.5usdt to play, you can only use whole numbers e.g 1, 2, 3, 10, 100 etc.

To be able to play thi game you have to create an account on the jpex exchange and deposit some usdt or any of the acceptable coins and swap it to usdt that, yeah you heard me right, jpex has the swap feature, this feature enables you to convert your coins to usdt without having to buy/sell the current crypto coin you have to the desired token/coin.

To excel at this game you must be able to correctly predict the movement of bitcoin or ethereum for the next 45 seconds, and yes the game is also available for ethereum.

A little background knowledge with some basic indicators like RSI, Bollinger bands, Ichimoku, Fractals etc.

To be able to participate in the game you would have to open an account on jpex, below is a thumbnail of a video i created about the Pump N Dump game on jpex, you can take a look at it to know more about this game.

There would be more content coming up about this game on my YouTube channel, i will advice you kindly subscribe to my channel so you be always updated when i create new content about this game.



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