How to make money through affiliate marketing in nigeria

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How to make money through affiliate marketing in nigeria

This is one of my most interesting topics to discuss, often time people do message me to write comprehensive article on how to make money through affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

It got to a point that I got tired of answering every single soul on how the affiliate business is run in Nigeria.

So I will be doing justice to it once and for all in this article so others can benefit from it.

As usual I will make a brief introduction to the subject matter before we hit the ground and running.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting other people’s products or links on your site or social media account and by so doing you get paid.

In other words, affiliate marketing doesn’t necessary require you to make a sale before you can get paid.

Getting interesting?

How does affiliate marketing works?

Like I first said, affiliate marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be selling of products.

So I will be explaining ways affiliate programs can pay you for your input.

Pay per Sale: This is a form by which affiliate program pay you only when someone who followed through your link and bought an item.

When this happens, of course you will get paid some percentage of the cost of such items.

Pay per Click: Depending on the kind of affiliate program you joined, often times affiliate programs pay out when people who you referred follow through your link and click on some products.

This kind of click has to be genuine though.

If it’s orchestrated the affiliate program will later find out and such account can be shut down for good.

Pay per Lead: Affiliate marketing thrive well when there is e-mail list of prospective buyers.

For this reason affiliate programs value e-mail list, so when someone you referred drop his/her active email at the right channel you can get paid.

Most people think affiliate marketing is capital intensive and very hard to carry out.

But that is not always the case, if you read this article to the end you will gain useful insights that will help on how to go about it.

One of the advantages of affiliate marketing is low capital.

You don’t need a fat pocket before you can venture into affiliate marketing, though if you have fat pocket it’s an added advantage with information you will get from this article.

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How to start affiliate marketing without capital?

Let’s paint a small picture here on how to run affiliate marketing without capital.

3 years ago I came up with a plan on how teenagers can earn from simple affiliate marketing with just phone and data.

I remembered of a young lad I empowered to take some products from Jumia, Konga and Ali express and advertise it to his friends on whatsapp and facebook.

He did that and added his gain to the cost price of those materials and guesses what? Within 4 months this young lad came to me asking me how he can build a website and set up sale funnel.

I was surprised that the little he’s been earning has opened his eyes to the endless possibilities of earning through affiliate programs.

This is the simplest affiliate marketing strategy for teens, though to excel using this method one must promote the most unique and trendy items that everyone will like to have one.

In this form of affiliate marketing, you decide your gain, when you promote company’s products; such company determines how much you get per each item sold.

Hey! Don’t get me wrong, the affiliate marketing strategy I explained up there is for teens with only phone and data. (Android phone of course).

Another advantage of affiliate marketing is quick earning; this is different from investment programs or jobs that pay in specified period of time.

With affiliate marketing you can decide when to get paid, you can decide to get paid at the beginning of the month, as soon as you carry out an action worth paying for.

Another bonus tip is that you have the power of deciding how much you want to earn base on the work you put in, meaning the more the effort you put in, the more you earn.

Those are the basics of affiliate marketing , now let’s hit the ground and running.


Hey! This part of this write up will throw more lights on practical steps to take to excel as an affiliate marketer from anywhere.

This article is not limited to people from Nigeria alone.

  1. Choose an affiliate niche

To really excel in affiliate marketing, you have to choose a niche, if you have a mail list or planning to have one then it would be a bad move to send them different products that has nothing to do with each other.

If your mail list is based on Agric products then it will be a dead move to advertise eye drop or erectile dysfunction drugs to them.

You have list of farmers that only want to be better at farming and have more robust harvest so don’t make that mistake ever.

You can as well promote other products but that should be sent or broadcast to the appropriate list.

On the other hand you can advertise all sorts of products if you don’t have a specific mail list.

But the most effective way is to have specific mail list for different niches.

2.Build a blog or social media page

Blog or social media page is where you constantly post engaging contents and get discovered on the internet easily.

In the case of owning a blog you will have to learn how to generate traffic to your blog site.

A typical example of how important a blog can help your affiliate marketing business is in the case of tech blog that post about phones like GSMarena, androidnaija, or addota that focuses on agric only. If you are conversant with the first two sites mentioned you will see those phone adverts on them.

They make their money if you as a visitor follow through the link and buy a phone.

They also display newsletter forms to take email that is a smart way to create email list.

In the case of social media pages you can’t really create mail list effectively but you can as well post interactive post to get more followers who will see what you have to advertise in future.

Blogs can serve as means of income beyond affiliate marketing, you can read my article on how to make money through blogging maximize your earning potential while running your blog and implementing your affiliate marketing strategy.

There are other ways of getting social media followers and likes, if you will be exploring twitter then I will advise you read my article on how to get massive twitter followers in a short time

3. Build Traffic

Building traffic is very vital when it comes to affiliate marketing. This traffic over time turns to prospective buyers who will later patronize whatever you have to sell.

How to Build Traffic

Now that we know the value of traffic we must also learn to build them.

To build traffic one must get active on social media.

Be it website, facebook, twitter or any other social network one must be active from time to time to interact with other people and as well turn them to fans.

You can read my article on the 6 top social media sites to drive insane traffic to your site and drive unlimited free organic traffic to your site.

By being active always one will have the opportunity to meet new people and tell them what kind of services you offer.

Another way to build traffic is by posting high value content, millions of articles and content goes online every day so to stand out one must really post unique and valuable content.

A good post with appropriate picture will be fine.

There are many places you can generate traffic, you can explore YouTube also as it serves a big platform for traffic and making money as well.

Hey you might want to read my article on how to make money from YouTube, and learn some good tips from it.

The last way to build traffic is by doing giveaway, people love free things, and no one hates that.

Personally I’ve tried it many times and it works.

Find an Affiliate Product

Before you can make money from affiliate marketing you must have a product to sell to people.

Without a product you won’t make a dime, now how do you find good products to promote?

That question is broad and should have been a topic on its own but i will try to explain the basics here.

So many bloggers will tell you a type of product to promote but I will make it simple for you.

Read my article on the top affiliate programs that pay high commission

Doing something just for money never works. So why not promote something you actually believe in.

Start by choosing products you actually uses yourself. That way you can be confident to write about its benefit.

Once you choose a niche that suits you and promote products within your niche to your targeted customers, you will for sure excel at it.

Hey! There is no magic about it, you have to put in lot of work and give it time to grow.

Promote Affiliate Products

Of course you have to sell a product to earn a sale commission if you are into pay per sale affiliate programs.

To sell a product you must first know the product you want to sell and also have audience you want to sell such product(s) to.

If you have the two in place then you’re good to go.

There are numerous ways of promoting a product depending on your targeted audience.

You can choose to run facebook adverts, or adverts on other social media.

You can write article on such products and post it in your blog.

You can send mail to your email list regarding the product. (This is the most effective way) this way is a bit more expensive though, but hey! It takes money to make money right? That’s true to some degree.

Wow so you are done with this article, why not go practices what you learnt here?

I hope to meet you at the top.

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