How to make money creating and selling video courses

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make money creating and selling video courses

There are many ways to make money online from any part of the world and one of those ways is creating and selling video courses online.

Nobody buys a course, they buy solution, so if you can really provide solution to any problem then you should be able to make money creating and selling video courses online.

Though the amount you can make is limitless, to make real success from it depends solely on two things.

(1) How demanding is the problem you solve and (2) how well do you make it available to your targeted audience.

Below are step by step guide to put you through all you need to know to achieve greater heights in regard to how to make money creating and selling video courses.

What should you teach?

Sometimes around last year some of my readers start contacting me if I could put them through on how to make money through affiliate marketing, as at the time my site’s contents are not much affiliate marketing related.

But they are my readers so I don’t want to turn them down so I had to make a thorough research and came up with a good write-up for them.

I didn’t post it on my blog though, I sent the article to them via email or whatsapp.

After couple of weeks 3 out of those I sent the article came to me thanking me that the article I wrote was very comprehensive and should a course or eBook.

I thought about it for a while and decide to post it here on my blog so everyone can have access to it.

Here is the link to my article on how to make money online through affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Proceeding on what you should teach from the little scenario I explained up there, it is clear people’s demand is a clear reason why one should create any course at all.

How do you know people’s demand if you don’t have a blog like me?

You can know people’s demand by checking other courses making huge success on platforms like Udemy, udacity etc.

Another great way to know if people really have interest in what you have to teach them is by making keyword research, through that you will clearly know if that course pull considerable number of searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

How long would it take to create video/online course?

You can create online course within hours, days or months, this depends on how large the course will be, are you creating a course on a broad topic? or a single topic?

For example if you want to create a course on how to be a successful farmer it will be a lengthy and big course compared to how to be a successful maize farmer.

Mind you the success of a course does not lie in how big the course is but, how vital the problem the course is solving.

To have a very successful course, you must cover the area within the scope of your course and avoid the fluff, go straight to the point.

This is a course, only relevant things should be included, this is not Google algorithm that thinks the longer the length of an article, the more comprehensive the article becomes.

It is pointless explaining a simple technique in 10,000 words.

How much can you earn from online courses?

The earning opportunity is limitless, if you check most of the platforms that online courses are sold you will be thrilled how well people are making serious money.

There are powerful networkers making over $1 million yearly from video or online courses.

There are lots of factors that will determine how much you can earn online by selling online courses.

Some of the big determinant factors include the price of your course, the size of your niche and how much of existing audience you have.

You should price your course based on the problem that it solves, who your audience is, and how in-depth or complete your solution is.

How to create and online course

To create an online course you must put the following into consideration.

Research your idea: To create a successful online course, you must have the full knowledge of what the problem you propose to solve is, you must have a good solution that best solve that problem.

To have a good solution to the problem, you must check what other expert in that niche has written.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you buy their courses to know what they have written.

Read free publications on it, read blog posts, make more deep research and take notes of how you can spice up your answer to make a difference and stand out.

Pick Platform: This is one great thing to have at the back of your mind when creating your course.

Before you decide on which platform to use, you must first check if your type of course exists on such platform and if people are buying it.

Generally, platforms like Udemy, Teachable and Udacity are very greats for all courses.

Teachable is very outstanding as it has a large audience so it is way easier to make money selling video courses on it.

Making Videos: In other to make your course more easier to understand, you need to add videos to it.

Things are way easier if watched in video than write ups.

If your course is about how to make $700 in less than 2 weeks trading Forex or how to make a fake video call on hangout and facebook then you have to include enough screencast video.

It doesn’t have to necessarily show your face because your audiences in that niche are more interested in the techniques you want to teach them than your looks.

On the other hand, if your course topic is something like how to dance zanku, then you have to step out and face the camera to demonstrate to your audience as hiding behind a screen this time can get you stoned.(lol).

Plan Your Course: The note you jot down during your research will be greatly put into work here.

It will help you to know how to structure your course into sections simpler steps for your student to understand.

So make sure you jot down enough points while carrying out your research.

Price Your Course: The price of your online course will will play a big factor in how much money you earn each year.

If your course only costs $25, you’d need to sell 2,000 copies to earn $50,000 in a year.

Meanwhile if you were to sell the your course for $100 instead, you’d only have to sell 200 copies in comparison.

Of course selling a cheaper course is easier. People are more likely to buy a course that cost only $10 to $20 than $100 and above.

How much should I charge?

You should price your online course based on the problem that it solved, so try to solve bigger problems and smile to the bank.

Sell Your Course: This is not too difficult, once you have a course created, you can move on to sell it to your audience if you have email list or you can as well sell it on Teachable or Udemy.

Marketing Your Online Course

After creating a good online course your next step will be selling the course. There are many ways that you can do this.

Your biggest asset is going to be an email list. Where you can save emails of potential students and send them emails about the course and how to sign up.

Below are various ways you can market your online course.

Social Media: Every now and then we often run to adverts on facebook, many people have used this method to make millions of $$, the most effective way to market your course on social media is by having large audience.

You can learn how to get massive twitter followers from my article and have a good insight on to run your game in that space.

Another option to consider here is facebook groups, if you have a course on how to make money trading gift card and bitcoin then why not join some gift card groups on facebook and drop a cool message like the one below.

“Do you want learn how I make money trading gift card and bitcoin with no capital? Drop your email or whatsapp number if interested”  and see how them go rush you.

Guest Post: Another good way to market your online course is to guest post about it and drop a link to your sales page.

There are many website that accept free guest posting like Quora and Haro.

Bonus Tip: You can also earn up to $200 per article guest posting for popular sites, read my article on how to make money online through writing and start earning from your writing skills.

Ads: Another great and effective way to market your course is through advertisement, you can either run facebook advert, YouTube, Google, Instagram or linkedIn.

These platforms mentioned above are tested and trusted if you run a good advert on them you will see positive results.

Create a Sales Page: The best webpage to direct your prospective buyers to is your sales page, it is sometime called landing page or squeeze page.

When you run and Ads on social media and someone click through, he/she should be taking to a breathtaking sales page that will only ask for email and not DOB with credit or debit card details.

An eye appealing sales page will convert more than a bad one.

Learn how to create a very good sales page to have more opt in.

Share it With Your Followers: This method can also be deployed as some small percentage of your followers will have keen interest in what you have to offer.

This method can’t be totally relied on if you are not a big time internet or networker with large audience base.

Talk About it on YouTube: YouTube is effective for driving traffic, you can make a short video talking about features of your online course and while people should buy it. And post it on YouTube.

YouTube can also be a good means of making money, you can read my article on how to make money with YouTube channel and how to create a captivating YouTube channel.

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