How to Make Money through Forex Trading

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How to make money trading forex

What is forex trading?

Forex trading deals with buying and selling of currencies with the aim of making profits.

Foreign Exchange Market is the largest trading markets and has an average turnover of US$5 trillion on a daily basis around the world.

This is larger than all the stock markets in the world combined together. Trading activities are conducted through the “Interbank Market” which allows you to execute trades 24 hours in a day, for 5 days a week from Monday through Friday.

However, forex trading is not limited to currency pairs alone, there are other aspects like the synthetic indexes, personally I love trading the indices than the currency pairs.

Personally, I’m forex trader myself and i can bodly say i make sizable profit daily from my trading you can subscribe to my youtube channel and watch my strategies on how i made money and my testimonial videos, watch the one below and see how real it gets.

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The synthetic indexes includes assets like Boom, Crash, Volatility, step index and lot more.

In the rest of this article, I will explain how you can trade currency pairs and the synthetic indices

How to trade synthetic indices in forex trading?       

Synthetic indices is very simple to trade, it is similar to currency pairs, basically you pick a specific assets and choose the direction of your choice.

You can decide to stay in a trade for as long as you want provided you have a strong indication from your technical analysis.

Asset under the synthetic indices include BOOM 500, BOOM 1000, CRASH 500, CRASH 100, VOLITITY (100, 75. 50, 25, 10) STEP INDEX and lot more.

Each asset has its rate of volatility,  for example, B00M 500 is more volatile than BOOM 1000, and in the same way BOOM 500 gives more profits than BOOM 1000.

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Hey! I’m not saying you should head on to Boom 500 and lose your money, you need proper training before you can stand a chance of making real money through forex trading.

Keep reading, I have perfect courses to help you earn like never before in forex trading, read to the end and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question, my contact details are displayed at the end of this article.

Though there are incidence whereby newbies at forex trading makes insane amount of money in short period of time but 99% of them will end up losing all that money within short period of time because they don’t have any good strategy.

So they end up losing the money the same way the made it, easy come, easy go.

Another mistake people make is subscribing to signal groups on whatsapp or telegram, 99% of such groups are fake, instead of subscribing to signal groups I will advise such individual to create a demo account and learn forex trading from scratch.

By opt-in in for forex signals, you will deprive yourself the opportunity to learn, the learning period is very important and everyone should embrace it to be successful at forex trading, in the courses I’m offering, all the voluminous training has been carefully tailored to the important once to get you going in the positive direction in no time.

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Most brokers offers demo account features, this feature is very important as it will greatly help you learn forex trading and gain confidence before you actually deposit your hard earned money.

How to start forex trading

It’s pretty easy to start forex trading, all you have to do is  understand their basic movements and when to trade them, I will explain more on this in the steps that follows.

This forex trading article is purely based on synthetic indices only so it might be a bit different from currency pairs write up.

Step 1.  Knowing the conventional direction of movement

This is very important if you want to make profit in forex trading, for example the normal movement of the boom assests (both boom 500 and boom 100) is downward movement, below is a picture of its movement.

how to trade boom 500

So it keeps moving down in this form till it reaches a resistance level then there will be spike and it jumps up and start coming down again.

To make money from  forex trading in the boom market, you have to know the right entering point and the exit point so as not to lose your money to a recurring spikes.

Unlike the boom market, the crash market’s direction is upward, so it keeps going up till it reaches a support level then it dumps, just like boom, you need to know the right entering and exit points so you won’t lose your trading capital.

Below is the screenshot of movement of the crash market.

how to make money trading boom and crash

Step 2. Choosing a broker

There are many forex brokers out there including the good and the bad, you must do well to find the good ones you can trust.

Personally I use www.Binary.com so far they are awesome, if you don’t like binary option then I will advise you make deep research about any broker you will like to use.

Step 3. Analyze the chart before you place your trade

In analyzing the market, one must know the entering and exit points in different time frame like 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes , 1 hour and 4 hours.

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If you can confidently analyze the chart in those respective time frames, then you will have good confidence to place your trade and milk the market for long.

There are many videos out there explaining this technique but most of them won’t give 100% of it out, unfortunately for you I am no difference from them.

But good news for you is I have 100% of the winning strategy in my Forex trading courses, try and get your hands on any one of them and make good amount of money from forex trading.

Step 4. Make your first trade

In making your first trade you need to create account be it real or demo, choose an asset you want to trade.

Make proper analysis through the chat using some indicators, many cool indicators will come with my forex trading  package below, so keep reading.

Determine the lots size you want to use and how long you want the trade to last and cast the die.

Forex trading strategies

You may have heard that maintaining your discipline is a key aspect of trading. How do you ensure this discipline in while trading?

There is no general strategies that works for everyone, you have to discover what works best for  you, in the forex trading courses we are offering will include our best trading strategies so you can practice it and improve on it.

To create a suitable strategy, the follow things must be carefully considered.

  1. Time: It will be a bad idea to try and make or reach your daily target from a single trade, if forex trading is your part-time hustle then you must create a good schedule so you can have time to trade without affecting your normal source of income.
  2. Daily Target: Most newbies at forex trading lose their money because they don’t have realistic daily target,  I’ve heard of people that took their account from $100 to $3,000 and back to $0.00 within 48 hrs.
    Create achievable target so you can achieve them, be realistic with yourself, don’t aim to make millions in a weak, forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme.
  3. Capital: Another point that is what mentioning is your trading capital, don’t deposit $30 and expect to take it to $1,000 in a day or two, good capital and achievable daily target is very important so you won’t keep losing money when you are supposed to be making money.
  4. Stop Loss:  I was once a victim of this, know when to accept defeat and leave the fight for another day, if you made wrong analysis and got trapped in a bad market, it’s better you close the other and accept the small loss before it wiped out all your account.
    It always important that you have your stop loss that you can afford to lose.
  5. Take Profit:  This is very important too as greed has sent so many individuals back to their village.
    once you create a trade you should know how long you can stay in the trade from your analysis.
    If your analysis say you can stay in the market for 2 mins, then I will advise you leave earlier so a mighty spike or dump don’t teach you a hard lesson.
    On the other hand if you stay for the 2 mins and the market is still going in your predicted direction, I will advise you to leave the market while you can before your positive gain turn to negative one.
  6. Quickly Read: Forex strategies that helped make $2,000 in a month

Forex trading platforms

There are countless platforms out there for forex trading , I know of metaTrader4 , metaTrader5, IQ Option, Expert Option among many others.

Personally I use MetaTrader 5 and they are very awesome, if you don’t  want to use metaTrader 5 you can read reviews about any forex trading platform of your choice before  you start using them.

If you already have a platform that work well for you then I will advise you keep to it.

Now I will be introducing to you the best forex trading courses in the world that you can acquire and learn proven strategies on how to rule the forex market, the products are coupled with many great features and tools to make your forex trading very easy with minimal risk.

Quickly Read: Forex strategies that helped make $2,000 in a month

Without further waste of time, let me introduce to you the 3 best forex trading courses, I carefully create these to suits everyone’s need.

Forex trading courses

Features of the Newbies Pack

Strategies to trading spike

Basic concept of stop loss and take profit and where to use them.

How to set up platform made indicator (m9, alligator, RSI ,CCI etc )

How to milk the Forex market

Courage Pro (custom made indicator =$300)

Features of the Starter Pack

Strategies to trading spike

How to analyze the market using m9, Alligator and RSI

How to analyze the market using m9, alligator and CCI

Almighty strategy to rule the market

How to set up the m9 and alligator

Understanding resistance and support level

Profit++ (custom made indicator =$325)

Chart analyzer Pro (Custom made indicator =$200)

Features of the Pro Pack

Strategy to avoid spike while trading

How to analyze the market using M9 & Alligator

How to set up the m9 and alligator

How to conveniently trade volatility 75

Understanding resistance and support level

Strategies to trading spike

How to analyze the market using m9, Alligator and RSI

How to analyze the market using m9, alligator and CCI

How to trade for a long time without fear

Almighty strategy to rule the market

Understanding the full concept of stop loss, take profit and how to make optimum use of them

Courage Pro (custom made indicator =$300)

Profit++ (custom made indicator =$325)

Chart analyzer Pro (Custom made indicator =$200)

Resistance & Support Wizard(Custom made indicator =$200) 

I implemented the strategies used in creating these courses to make $700+ in less than 10 days, I know $700 doesn’t sound like a lot of money but if you are consistent with the method and strategies in any of my courses, you will make more than that on the long run.

You can read about how I made $700 in less than 10 days and have a good idea, mind you, this write -up is an updated formula i derived with some highly talented individual in the forex sphere in Nigeria.

I’m offering 30 days money back guarantee if you follow the content of any of my course and you don’t make more than the cost of the course within 30 days.

This is to show you how serious I am and I can as well bet my life on it.

You can reach me through slooreviews@gmail.com or +2349013028491 (whatsapp only).

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