How to make money online tutoring in Nigeria

There is a great possibility to make money online tutoring, in fact there are countless way to make money online ranging from Bitcoin, affiliate marketing, YouTube, blogging and more.

Are you good at any subject, language or skill? Can you teach someone that subject or skill you are good at? If your answer to the above question is yes then you can surely make money online in Nigeria by tutoring others.

How to become online Tutor

To become a tutor online, you must have the necessary qualification on in a specific field, on must platforms you will asked to provide them as it the point of registration so they can be sure you are competent to work on their platform which is a very good move.

Advantages of online tutoring jobs

  1. Time and Flexibility: A teacher can choose to teach course anytime that suits him/her, this gives time for homemakers or people with more than one hustle to run.
  2. Convenience: Online tutoring doesn’t require you to travel to meet your student so you can work from the comfort of your home with any clothes.
  3. More Teaching Opportunities: Since online tutoring is carried out over the internet, it would be easier to access more resources to aid the student’s learning.
  4. Better Organization: Since physical structure isn’t needed here there will limit to cases of mismanagement.
  5. Increase Student Engagements: Student that don’t feel comfortable speaking in traditional classes will be more comfortable since it’s only a student and teacher this time.

Where to find online tutoring jobs

Getting online tutoring job is not too hard to come by provided you have the required skill or knowledge on what to teach others.

There are countless are platforms that one can sign up to tutor student on and earn decent income, a very examples of such platforms will be mentioned in this write up so stay tuned.

Best sites for online tutoring jobs

Below are the list of the best online tutoring site each with its features and scope of operation.


This is a very great platform with sizable number of students willing to enroll for a course and learn.

To become a tutor in tutor.com, you will have to pass through their competence test to be sure you are really good at the skill you want to teach others on their platform.

They offer a wide range of courses in educational and technical aspect, programs are also welcome on tutor.com.

One advantage is that they have a mobile app so you can carry it with you anywhere.

One disadvantage about tutor.com is that they currently accept application from USA resident ONLY.


This is another great platform to consider for online tutoring.

At chegg, you get to decide if you need one time lesion or you need a long one that can be split into classes and sections.

A one-time class can go for as low as $7 and a month long class can go for as low as $30.

Chegg payout weekly, they provide features for audio and video chat between student and tutors.

Just like tutor.com chegg also offer wide range of courses.

To become a tutor on chegg, one must present certification also.

Club Z

Club Z is another good platform for tutoring online as it also offers wide range of subjects. In addition they offer in-home tutoring as well and the fee differs from online tutoring.

Another good thing about this platform is that student can chat with tutors to know their competence before they hire such tutor, student can also cancel a gig after first class if such student isn’t satisfied with the quality of lesion.

To become tutor on club z you have to provide your location, educational background and other info.

The Princeton Review

This great platform boast of over 80 courses and has reportedly completed over 18, 000,000 class sessions.

The pay here is within $0.75 per minute to $115 per month.

To become a tutor here you need some documents as well.

The Princeton Review is said to have acquired tutor.com so you should expect a great deal of decent service from them.

This site is more of monthly subscription payment mode.


Skooli has a pay-as-you-go pricing plan of $0.82 per minute, which is good if you’re stuck on a tricky homework question or want some last-minute study help — you can connect to tutors 24/7. The site has tutors for all subjects and grade levels, including ESL or business courses, but math is a primary focus.


Pearson’s Smarthinking boasts that 90% of its tutors have advanced degrees in their subject areas, so they know their stuff. There are tutors for every subject, but writing is the emphasis — as a resume reviews and interview prep, when it comes time for your student to enter the workforce. Prices range from $25 for one essay review to $125/month for four hours of online tutoring.


Students with special needs require tutors who understand their learning styles. All of the this site’s tutors have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in special education, and the tutors find that the students do well with online tutoring because they’re in a comfortable and familiar setting (ie, home). Rates start at $25/hour.

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