How I made $700 in 10 days trading forex (Quick Guide)

Making money through forex is not always easy as people sugar coat it online. Making money through forex requires a lot of doggedness, dedication, training and consistency and a key strategy.

Before now I’ve stumbled on my many ways of making passive income from the web that yielded nothing for me, most them are  a waste of time and won’t earn you anything.

It takes money to make money so do not let anyone waste your times by telling you to take part in some refer and earn money program like tap2earn or the likes when you can actually learn how to make serious money for yourself.

Less than 2 months ago I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called Qora Digital Cash, the channel is owned by a certain Nigerian guy called Opeola Samuel, all he does is teach people to make money by learning how to trade the different indexes which includes the BOOM 500, BOOM 1000, CRASH 500, CRASH 1000, VOLATILITY INDEXES among others.

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I watched the videos he keep posting for a month and few days and I decided to save up some money and start trading FOREX, so in my first attempt I deposited $185 into my trading account and tried to make some cool money but I failed woefully during the process, below are screenshot of my account and how I blew through the money. So my first attempt in making money through forex was a total failure.

I wanted to give up and forget about it as it was a bitter pill and wouldn’t taste good holding dear to the memory of it. 2 weeks sped by and I checked YouTube to watch some videos the Qora Digital Cash again and I over heard him mentioning an indicator, I was startled , indicator? Can that even be possible? I’ve once traded Bitcoin and still do so I know most of the signals they give isn’t real, so I decided to forget the idea of the indicator not until one fateful day that he used the indicator to make $200 in a single trade.

AT that point I made up my mind to get the indicator, the indicator was selling for $100 as at the time, I thought that was expensive so I went online to research some indicators and found the exact indicator selling for $300! I was shocked and had to head back to him to get the indicator, the indicator changed the way I trade assets and indexes on the Forex market , now making money through forex has become supper easy for me, $70 really did wonders in my forex trading career.

How I made my first $700 from forex

It was a very short story, I learnt the rope and keep repeating success, after I learnt how to use the indicators and how to analyze the market, I deposited $100,  which is around 36,000 NGN and raised it to over $700 within 10 days , $700 is around 252,000 NGN I know it doesn’t sound like a huge money but believe me, anyone will make as much as they want using the current method I’m using.

Making money through Forex is now made easy, all thanks to the great indicator, if I can do it then you can do it also, I lose nothing buy teaching you this great method, so your earnings doesn’t affect mine, good news is your earnings from forex will never affect mine, even if the whole planet earth start trading forex we’ll all make money still.

Below are are screenshots from my trade history and the sweet alert….(money time)

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how i made $700 trading forex,
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How can you make $700 within 10 days trading forex

You need to undergo training to know how to trade forex, the training is simple and I’ve compiled great numbers of explanatory videos , audios, pictures, screenshot and materials to keep you going in no time.

What do you need to start making money from forex trading ?

Before you can start making money from forex, you need skills and tools, part of the skills includes, how to trade boom markets in forex, how to trade crash market in forex, how to trade currency pairs on forex, how to know when and when not to enter market and how to know when to leave market. All these I’ve prepared them for you so you can hit the road and running the moment you lay your hands upon it.

How do you get started , what do you need to do ?

Hey! If you once nurtured the thoughts of getting this awesome materials and almighty indicator for absolutely free then you’re wrong, you might as well quit reading and take nap, anyways I’m giving this indicator and material out at a giveaway price, the indicator cost me $70 while the materials are worth over $100 the summation of both will give you $170, that’s much for an average Nigerian considering the fact that our minimum ways is just 30K NGN which is less than $100, for this fact I will give this awesome package out for just $50, awesome right ? yeah, don’t learn the hard way like I did, I wasted my first $185 before getting the indicator that cost me just $70.

I should have bought the indicator and deposit $115 instead (sad), don’t go down the painful and stressful path I thread, seize this opportunity and make most of it.

If you have question or you want to get this awesome material kindly message me via whatsapp and I will put you through. (+2349013028491)

I have well details write up and courses that will greatly help your forex career today, do not make the grave mistake of depending on some forex signal groups that will help you run your money down the drain, these new courses I came up with will greatly help your earning.

The will teach you how to study the market and make a lot of money trading forex, you will have the confidence to stay in the market for long and that will make you a live signal (lol).

Check out the article titled “How to make money trading forex” you will thank your lucky stars you came across this blog after reading the write-up, checking the courses and making the right decision.

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