Minehash.org Review: Legit or Scam?

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Minehash.org Review: Is Minehash Legit or Scam?

On the YouTube channel of Slooreviews, a subscriber asked for a review of a cloud mining platform or website called Minehay.org. The website has been reviewed in detail on the YouTube channel. Please, check the video below:

Minehash.org Review

In this post, Minehash will be reviewed, we shall see it’s purpose and a there will be a verdict on its legitimacy.

This post doesn’t influence your decision making upon taking action to cloud mining. It’s just an opinionated review.

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What is Minehash.org?

Minehash claims to be a platform that help its users mine Ethereum through cloud mining. Now we know for sure that you don’t mine Ethereum, you only stake Ethereum.

Moreover, cloud mining is one of the riskiest form of crypto mining and this means that that Minehash is practicing what is technically impossible.


Who Owns Minehash?

No identity of ownership has been found on the platform that claims to cloud mine Ethereum for its users. And that js another red flag signifying scam activities goin on on the website.

Currently, the website doesn’t work on browsers no more and that is  to say that all along it has been a platform of falsehood. 

Verdict on Minehash: Legit or Scam?

Even if the website opens again I can’t invest a penny into it in the name of cloud mining investment. However, this should not affect your decision making about inveystuy or trying out other crypto platform that can sjurockei your crypto trading. 



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