How To Become a Millionaire Trading Bitcoin In Nigeria

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bitcoin trading

Countless individuals have made million of Naira from trading bitcoin in Nigeria. it is no doubt that crypto trading is very profitable and also comes with its own risk due to its anonymous nature and the volatility of the market.

Personally i’ve made couple of money from bitcoin and gift card trading here in Nigeria and this is an opportunity for you to learn the practice and start making money for yourself.

I created a video on my youtube channel (Slooreviews) where i explained the content of my upcoming training on crypto and gift card, this is will be my first ever training and trust me i’ve work hard to get all things needed in place.

Below is the video, kindly watch it for what to expect from my upcoming training.

The training is going to be in 2 phases , the first one is for the newbie in the crytpo arena, while the Pro package is for those that are vast into the trading of bitcoin and crypto.

Below is the breakdown of what you would learn from each of the packages and the cost of each package.


The Newbie Package cost $13 or 5,000 in Nigerian Naira.

Things you would learn includes:

  1. What is Bitcoin
  2. Learn what moves Bitcoin Price
  3. Learning the best Bitcoin Trading Strategy
  4. How to open, close and monitor your trade
  5. p2p Bitcoin Trading Secret
  6. Learn How to trade gift card profitably
  7. How to start bitcoin trading without capital


The Pro package cost $1,300 or 500,000 in Nigerian Naira, below are what to expect from the Pro package:

  1. How to read Charts and Predict Bitcoin Next move
  2. Website to sell your bitcoin at the best rate
  3. Chinese connect to sell your bitcoin to
  4. Master the art of crypto investment
  5. Crypto edging

The Newbie package is for beginners, it would also teach you how you can start the bitcoin trading without capital.

The Pro package is for people with real capital at least 5 million naira.

For more details or question you can reach out to me on whatsapp wa.me/2349013028491

solomon julius

solomon julius

I'm Solomon Julius known as Slooreviews a certified digital marketer, Slooreviews is no doubt the best business and tech review site. Check here from time to time to know which business you can go into and know which ones to stay away from.

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