Mulabux Review: Is mulabux legit or scam site

Mulabux? Ever heard of mulabux? If yes then read to the end before you consider dropping a penny on this program.

This will be the most critique and honest mulabux review you will ever read on the internet.

What is mulabux?

“Mulabux is a performance-driven affiliate Network Start-Up Launched in 2019.We have Partnered with popular websites as Our mechants () to generate revenue from commissions per sales we direct to Them.

 With the help of our Members who want to make money online without stress, we get to drive more sales to our merchants, resulting in cash-flow for our Members.

This platform is an innovation in affiliate marketing that speed-ens up commission earning process and generates massive audience reach for merchants within a short period of time.

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 Our business model is Innovative, highly rewarding, sustainable, top-notch and second to none and in just a short period of time we are already changing the way People view online earning platforms

Members can earn additional income by referring their friends. We pay affiliate commissions for referred friends .Join us today !

We pay out commissions in dollars because we are growing and expanding daily and our vision is to reach into the markets of “West Africa” and then Go Global!”

I had to put that write up in quote because I got it from mulabux official website.

If you ask for my opinion about that write-up, I will tell you it’s crappy, that can never be true, not quite long racksterly made the same claim about partnering with MTN Nigeria, I personally tweeted MTN Nigeria to verify that and I was disappointed when they said they don’t know racksterly.

It’s high time we do proper investigation before we invest a penny into any business.

Don’t forget that easy-make money from home can leads to easy lose money from home.

This mulabux copied racksterly and made the same claims racksterly made so they can attract people.

One crappy idea about these shitty programs is that they all copied each other and change name, what if those faceless individuals behind racksterly are the same set of people that came up with this program so they will have more money to steal when they are ready to run away?.

Mulabux mission

“Our mission is to give everyone the power to grow their finances and change the outlook of “earning online” in Nigeria And West Africa at large.”

That’s their mission in quote, sounds like a good one but they have shitty program, so I’m over 100% sure they can’t achieve that on God’s earth.

How to make money from mulabux

Participant can only make money through mulabux in two ways which are:

  1. Product link sharing.

Just like racksterly, mulabux promises to pay anyone who has social media followers for sharing products Ads on their social media page(s).

They claimed these product Ads is from their merchants who they claimed to be big companies.


Earning referral commission is the 2nd way to earn through mulabux, they promise to pay 15% referral commission.

Mulabux investment packages

Mulabux offers 3 subscription plans which are starter plan, value plan and deluxe plan.

Participants earn $0.5, $1 and $1.75 respectively each day for sharing ads on their social media pages.

Starter plan: The starter plan cost $6 to join and you earn $0.5 daily for a month, which is approximately $15.

Value plan: The value plan cost $15 to join, you will get paid $1 daily for a month and that’s approximately $30.

Deluxe plan: The deluxe plan cost $25 and you will get paid $1.75 daily for 30 days which totals $52.5.

To be honest with you, the compensation plan up there is bullshit, how on God’s earth would they get the money to pay double of people’s investment?

Anyone who partake in this program definitely need deliverance, this is simple calculation, our knack for easy and quick money will make us lose money in Nigeria and Africa at large.

No good business will give this high ROI and survive the test of time, Google the giant company never had such money to run such crazy return on investment on 30 days time frame.

I’m saying this for the umpteenth time, you don’t have to pay a dime to monetize your followers, it makes no sense to pay a subscription plan before you can promote ads to your social media followers.

The best form of audience monetization out there is Google adsense, you don’t have to pay 1 naira to apply.

You can read on how to start a blog, apply for Google adsense and make money online through bitcoin, gift card, piggyvest and even forex.

For those that will love to partake in this program after reading all these for easy money, kindly do yourself a favor to message mulabux merchants who they claimed to be Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Kilimall, Yudala and Whogohost to know if they are indeed in any merchant partnership with mulabux before you waste your time.

Don’t get me wrong, mulabux might work for few months and payout but at the end people’s money will get stuck in the program.

Will you feel good when you refer people and you get paid while those you referred lose their money? do you think they will trust you on their businesses you have to recommend next time?

Final judgment  

Mulabux is trash and you should all stay away from it, I will personally message their merchants and post their response here in no time.

So you can hold on for the responses before you invest into this program called mulabux, the name itself shows something is wrong, how can a good program use such a name.

Mulabux.com Jumia Merchant claim

I was able to message Jumia on facebook over the claims that mulabux made, i was not surprised when Jumia said they know nothing about mulabux, below is the screenshot of the conversation i had with Jumia.

Mulabux.com Konga Merchant claim

I was able to message Konga on facebook over the claims that mulabux made, i was not surprised when konga also said they know nothing about mulabux, below is the screenshot of the conversation i had with Konga.

Anyways do your research and feel free to ask us question about any program you want to invest into so we can make quick review about it.

Here is a YouTube video review i made about mulabux, you can watch and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel HERE

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  1. Geek deelino says:

    Wow, lovely.

    I love the review..

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  3. Chinny Babe says:

    You are a fool. We know it is a scam that is why we want to join. Carry your useless advice

    • I can feel your pain dear, you either one of the founder of mulabux or you are the founder, jumia denied your claim of them being one of your merchant, no worries I’m working on your other claims, It sucks when people like you come out with lame ass program like mulabux.

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  6. Daniel says:

    Pls what are the legit and sure companies to invest with

  7. Mr no name says:

    How do I contact their customer care

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