Myazacash Review: Is myazacash.com legit or a scam?

Myazacash claims they are into bitcoin mining and forex trading, they could be into forex but not bitcoin mining, reason being that, bitcoin mining is not lucrative as before, it requires huge capital to set up mining rig and also cost a fortune to purchase harshing machine.

So their claims of going into bitcoin mining is not true so I’m having double mind about what they really do.

Myazacash did well by putting founders profile on their site and it links to their social media pages like facebook and twitter. This way you can check on their social media history to know what they have been posting and the kind of people they are.

Myazacash is not registered with SEC, this is an agency that can certify them to go into such venture, the implication of them not registering is that your investment in not guaranteed, if they end up disappearing today or tomorrow your investment is gone down the drain.

Another red flag I saw on the site is the youtube video of a Nigerian artist called burna boy, I really don’t know what they think they are doing, so far they didn’t hire him to compose the song for them, then it’s inappropriate to do such, this shows how unprofessional myazacash admins are.

Before you invest a dime into myazacash, kindly do well to ask yourself this simple question, ‘How do I get my money back if they fold up like boxvalue’? owh you don’t know boxvalue? Smiles, they claim they are invest into forex as well and they later scammed people running into millions, the SEC end up sealing up their physical offices, but that doesn’t return people’s money, does it?

Final conclusion, call myazacash admin and ask why they are not registered with SEC, how are they mining bitcoin when total supply of bitcoin is in circulation already?

If they can answer this question then you can risk small amount of money into it.

Take calculated risk when it comes to investment, it will be unwise to throw money into every online platform with the mindset of “everything in life involves risk”

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