Nairalovers- is this a legit program or another scam ?

Ever heard of Nairalovers? Are you wondering if this is another form of nnu, giftalworld, rolexkash or tap2earn? Nope, Nairalovers is quite different from those programs mentioned above.

Is Nairalovers legit and worth venturing into?

Let’s dive into their mode of operation so we can really know who Nairalovers are, what they do, how we can benefit from it.

The platform is a bit technical with so many links to click, practically, Nairalovers took after nnu concept and added a few things to it to make it look different, for example, the feature of adding projects, events and job listening makes it a bit different.

nairalovers scam or legit

I tried to click on the project tab and all I could get is bunch of pictures of politicians of which 80% of the picture is featuring Nigeria current president Muhammad Buhari, so I’m a bit confused how and why Buhari has turn to project.

Checking on the event tabs I saw series of events, I  kind of like the feature as this keep you updated about any important seminar coming up so one can plan to attend or not.

On nairalovers you get paid N20 for sharing news from their platform to your social media accounts.

You also paid for sharing sponsored post, you get paid for referring friends too, I’m not a huge fan of programs that pay you for sharing news and bringing in friends as such program depend solely on the money they get from you when you signed up and invite your friends.

Programs that operates this will way will no doubt collapse and won’t stand the test of time, nnu is  a very good example of such program.

So far I’ve created an account with Nairalovers and I couldn’t find it anywhere in my dashboard that I need to pay any fee to become and active member so I’m curious how this platform operates and share revenue.

Job listening: I checked to see if I can find some cool job offers to apply for but I was disappointed not to find any available job, to me it’s a sign of lack of goals, nairalovers tries find solution to too many problems they can handle.

nairalovers scam or legit?

Posting of CV/Resume: This feature enables you to put up your educational background and work experience on the nairalovers platform.

I don’t know why they added that feature, maybe HR personnel can stumble on your profile and decide to call you for job interview if you have good CV or it’s just another frivolous activities just like the project tab with pictures of Buhari (lol).

From the little findings I did, I got to know that the minimum you can get from this site is 1,500 which isn’t bad I think it will be hard to even earn that much, personally I don’t see myself getting involved with Nairalovers.

If you’re looking for ways to earn online I will recommend you learn how to make money from bitcoin, learn the secret of the multi million naira gift card industry and make a tidy amount or learn how to use piggyvest bank and earn as much as you like, those links I mentioned above are very legitimate as i have earn sizable amounts from each of them myself.

Nairalovers Forum: They have a forum platform also where people can post under many post topic or category, once again it’s a very bad idea to venture into so many mode of service that you can’t even handle properly, I think nairalovers need to strategize on what they really want to be known for and scraps  other irrelevant ones.

nairalovers legitimate or scam?

Final judgement: My final judgment is, stay away from Nairalovers for the time being till they get their shit together and strategize which direction they want to go.

As the time of writing this post, I mailed them asking some vital questions, once I get a response from them I will update this post so you can be notified. 

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