NewsPay Forum Review: Is NewsPay Forum legit or scam?

Do you know of NewsPay Forum? Ever since NNU came out with the read and share news forum which failed, almost everyone that knows how to design website in Nigeria has replicated the failed system.

NewsPay Forum is no different from many of the countless and faceless individuals that copied the NNU site, the issue I have with these faceless people replicating NNU Forum is that they have nothing to offer, no creativity, how on God’s earth would you copy a system that failed woefully?

If NewsPay Forum has anything good to offer, the founder would have put his picture and video on the site so people can know him, at least he would know his identity would be dragged in the mud if his innovation failed.

At least people will know whose name to call and lay curses on (lol), back then when MMM failed, people lay curses on Sergey Mavrodi, he later died and Reekado Banks had to include it in one of his song saying “Na curse kill MMM founder”, So if you know someone that knows someone that knows newsPay Forum’s founder, tell him to put his identity on the site so my fellow Nigerians can know who to curse when his shitty invention crashes.

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The emergence of useless program like NewsPay Forum, Feelapy, giftalword isn’t the problem we face as a nation, but the patronage of non-informed people, if everyone knows a good program must offer quality service and not some read and share silly news it would have been awesome because everyone will stay away from them and maybe common sense will speak senses into the founders and they will realize their innovation is not helping humanity.

Please henceforth try as much possible to invest into platforms or a program that has founders of traceable identity unlike our dear NewsPay Forum and those countless sites doing money doubling and share news that always end in tears.

This is the only site you will read a critique review about any business or investment platform, every other sites will paint them in bright color so you can sign up through their referral links so they can make some money off your head, we are quite different here and we have your best interest at heart.

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  1. Airstar says:

    Thanks for helping save our little dime of stipends

  2. Adebayo says:

    You are the only blogger that always say the truth. God bless you sir.

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