Nextlevelpay.com Review: Is nextlevelpay legit or scam

Is nextlevelpay the messiah to online earning now? read this honest nextlevelpay review to know if they truly who they claim they are and if their innovation is really sustainable.

Who are nextlevelpay?

Just like every other shitty program out there ranging from racksterly to mulabux, tap2earn, giftalworld and loads of them, nextlevelpay isn’t any different , they all claim to bring fire to a world so cold but at the long run they end up bringing more ice.

The team behind the creation of nextlevelpay also hid their identity so you won’t come for them when things go wrong which will definitely happen.

I find it difficult to trust any program that doesn’t have traceable founders, it’s a clear indication that one should stay away from such program as it won’t last and at worst it might be a scam.

About nextlevelpay

Next Level Payment is a user to user donation system, that gives you DOUBLE of your donation to a fellow member.
There is no secret admin on this platform, everyone including Admin, donates to receive donation. Next Level Payment is designed to stay permanently like every other E-Commerce platform, when you get tired of receiving donations, you quit and those who are not tired will continue to receive. Every user receive their dues on a first come first serve basis. No new user will be considered as last on the queue rather they are considered by the system alongside those who have received multiple times. Next Level Payment is here to help every user overcome their financial challenges in this part of the world. We are here to correct the general notion that user to user donation systems are bad due to greed and selfishness used to operate the system in the past. Next Level Payment is here to help every user gain financial freedom to live out their desired routine lifestyle without having to BEG for money or rely on someone else for their needs. ”

So that is what they have on their site in “about us” section, from that write up it is easy to know nextlevelpay has nothing good to offer, MMM came with the same offer and they crashed woefully, infact MMM is a little realistic than nextlevelpay which promise to give back 200% return within days, this is crazy.

Nextlevelpay Investment packages

Below are the packages offered by nextlevelpay, don’t be enticed by the packages that promise to double your money in 7 days, this is a crazy idea that will never work on God’s earth.

nextlevelpay review

With those kind of crazy return on investment, one can be sure nextlevelpay is nothing but a scam, below is their contact details, So I will advice you call them and ask all sort of question before you go into it.

Personally i called them myself and we spoke for 3 minutes, I asked why their site doesn’t have write up about their founder so we’ll know who to hold when things go wrong and the guy who picked up the call said their is no space to include that on the website (bullshit).

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He said they have personal office for admin purpose, I asked for the address of the office and he also withheld that, He wen’t on to say they are registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) but he also failed to provide the registration number.

In my honest opinion, stay away from nextlevelpay, the idea behind it is not solid at all.

Nextlevelpay contact details

nextlevelpay review

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  2. Vickerdent says:

    All I can say is “mad oh”… Amazing that their ads are everywhere

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  4. Tony says:

    Thanx for the advice pls give me a better idea on what to invest on this is my email

  5. EMINEX 0244 says:


  6. olumide says:

    The nextlevelpay platform is not a i scam oooo i have donate 5k in a week i receive 10k,i did 5k again i receive double so you that have not been paid chat with the admin on whatsapp or call him because that is what i did…i notice people saying scam scam have not even make attempt as u can see am a student of the polytechnic of ibadan and this platform have been supporting me…thank you

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