NNU V2 Review: Is NNU forum or NNU V2 a scam or legit?

NNU V2  or nnu forum came out after the crashing of the first platform; will nnu v2 stand the test of time? Is nnu v2 same as nnu v1? Is nnu 2 q scam? All these are the questions I keep getting from people around.

At this point I can’t stand it no more so I I’ve decided to weigh in on the NNU V2 being scam or not.

By now those of you that are conversant with this blog should know we are not the type to sugarcoat things, we derive pleasure in exposing the bad sides of any business than the good side.

You know why we love it that way? Because those downside can really show how legitimate a business is.


From random data I gathered from the internet I noticed NNU V1 crashed because of too much participants, how true is that?

That is a lie from the pit of hell (hey! I’m not trying to sound religious or anything).

The only reason why the first version of NNU crashed was because they are out of cash.

This business model of paying people per news read and many other irrelevant activities isn’t a good business model.

I’m not disputing the fact that sites don’t pay people for good contributions on their platform, big sites like Quora for example pay some portion of their audience for meaningful contribution, I’m also a Quora partner and I get paid for asking and answering questions.

To take part in the partnership program, you have to be invited my Quora itself, Quora as a company would have crashed if they decide to pay everyone one who registered and read article on their platform considering the 300+ million monthly membership.

If NNU are serious about their innovation, they would have used the NNU V1 for beta testing to see how it works out before correcting the shortcomings and creating an updated version called NNU V2.

I was surprised that they designed a feature to make old accounts in the crashed NNU V1 to withdraw their funds, which was a smart move.

But then I have countless people who are not still unable to withdraw their money for one reason or the other of which I’m not disappointed all these business models are doomed to fail.

How to make money through NNU V2 or NNU Forum?

To make money in the nnu v2 program you don’t have to do anything special than what you’ve been doing on nnu v1 platform.

You read news that are not newsworthy, and those other activities.

Below is the list of ways to make money through nnu forum known as nnu v2.

Affiliate/Referral: you earn 71.5% per each referral. Refer your friends to take part in NNU Forum V2, you earn N1,000 Naira from their premium membership entry fee.

Active Daily Login: You earn N50 when you log in to your account daily.

View Forum Topics: You earn N10 on each latest forum topics you read.

Relevant Comment: You earn N20 on each new topic you contributed to.

Posting Topic:  You earn N200 for posting relevant and interesting topic or write up.

 You earn more between N500 to N1000 when you post more unique and original content on any categories.

Sharing Post on Social Media: They assign a post to members dashboard to share on social media. You earn N100 daily on an assigned post on your timeline.

On the NNU V1 platform, you can read unlimited numbers of news so people were just busy opening all news in new tab then and pilling up the money they drain NNU out of funds.

In the new NNU V2 or NNU forum, you can only read 20 news in day at the rate of N10 each, so if you read 20 news then you get N200, doesn’t sounds like good money though.

What is the least withdrawal amount on NNU forum (nnu v2)?

At the beginning of nnu forum or nnu v2, the least amount to withdraw is N5,000 ,as times go buy and they are running out of cash to pay their platform users, they decide to increase the payout threshold to N20,000.

You know why they did that? Because most people won’t make it to that stage and the few who will make it to that stage will only achieve that in a long time, this way they don’t have to pay out always.

I won’t be giving any final judgment on this topic, if you decide to participate in this program for the second time or after reading this write up you do so at your own peril and the detriment of your hard earned money.

Invest wisely and stay away from all the heartaches flying around like racksterly, nairalovers, tap2earn, giftalworld amongst many others. (udeme wise up).

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6 responses to “NNU V2 Review: Is NNU forum or NNU V2 a scam or legit?”

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  2. Joseph Adekunle says:

    I am a victim of the NNU v1, I have close to N40,000 in my account with them, the money turns virtual and I made regret wasting my time, data, money even porous my Facebook timeline for nothing.
    Thank you for this eye opening article. God bless the pot of your wisdom.

  3. Olawale says:

    hmmm Nnu scarm ma, I have 10,000, when I do registration, it was 5000 naira that you can first withdraw, later I will to worse 10,000, even I have one referral, with the activate earning 3350 referral 1000 + 10,000 naira that I have withdraw to my wallet. Everything now not paid. NNU Remember God is in heaven o. God will judge you. Thanks for allow me to wast my time, my date money. believe you have name o, what do you want the world to call your generation that is coming. Do good

  4. Sneh says:

    Thank you for this bro

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