How to Open a Verified Skrill Account in Nigeria (Step-by-step guide)

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How to open a verified skrill account in nigeria

This article will explain all the steps to how you can open a verified skrill account in Nigeria, before we hit the ground and running; let’s first cover the basics about skrill payment system/gateway.

What is skrill?

Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the internet, with a force on low-cost international  money transfers.

So skrill is likened to paypal, cashapp, stripe e.t.c. now we can talk on how to open a verified skrill account in Nigeria.

How to Open a Verified Skrill Account in Nigeria

Unlike Paypal and some other online payment system that limit Nigeira, Skrill has no limitation for Nigeria, so screw paypal and the rest, right ?  yeah you can say that again for real (lol).

Requirements for Opening A verified Skrill account

E-mail: I know you have an email address if you really google how to open a verified skrill account yourself, so you will need that email to create a verified skrill account in Nigeria.

The next thing you need is your name, account currency (usd eur NGN etc), country of residence, and one last thing, you have to accept the terms and condition so your account can be created.

Below is the skrill account opening form.

How to open a verified skrill account in nigeria

If you keep receiving funds from people without linking your bank and adding ID and address verification then am afraid your account might get disabled temporarily.

Nothing to worry much about, my account was disabled for the same reason at some point when I cross the threshold for non-verified account, the threshold is $300.

To fully verify your skrill account, you need a regulatory Identity card (National ID card, National Voters card or Driver’s License).

Once you are able to add all of these, your account will be released back to you so you can keep receiving funds through it. Isn’t that great? ( if you like say it’s great) lol.

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