Opera launches Opera News Hub, a new online media platform where content creators can reach over 350 million people

Good news again, Opera recently created platform for all bloggers and content creators and calls it Opera News Hub.

This is a very good move I think, this will greatly help to get a good content to the large audience .

Opera pride 350 million users for her mobile users, this is a large number and will greatly help to get good writers the audience they deserve.

Opera News Hub connects seamlessly with other Opera mobile applications like the popular Opera Mini browser and the standalone news app Opera News. This means that content creators who choose to distribute original content in Opera News Hub, will have a unique opportunity to reach a new international audience, increase their number of followers on social media channels, and run their own online publication across the various Opera mobile products. 

“With Opera News Hub, we are enabling thousands of Nigerian authors and bloggers to explore their creativity in a collaborative online media platform based on generated content,” said Scot Eritemu, Product Manager for Opera News. “Opera News Hub also guarantees premium content placement across the Opera mobile apps, allowing them to be discovered by a large international audience of over 350 million Opera users.”

The Opera News Hub features a clean user interface, somehow it looks like the UC browser platform called wemedia which was and is still a total trash.

Unlike UC browser wemedia, Opera news hub is interconnected with it browser which is a cool feature.

To sign up for opera news hub is easy, you can either sign up with your facebook app or email.

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Mind you, your account will be under pending review after registration, for this period you won’t able to post article or contents.

After they have reviewed your account, you can then post your content, but mind you, every content will be manually checked to be sure it meet up with the community/platform standard before it can go public.

How to earn with Opera News Hub

Just like UC wemedia, Opera news hub also promise to make you earn if you share good content, but so far I’m not sure how much they pay per 1,000 view.

Let’s wait and see how things turns out.

Below is a screenshot from my reviewed Opera News Hub showing my first article, as you can see it say pending, so the article has not gone public on it channels yet.

If you know you’ve got what it takes to write good content then you can get in there and showcase your talent ,survival of the fittest is here to stay lol.

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28 responses to “Opera launches Opera News Hub, a new online media platform where content creators can reach over 350 million people”

  1. Talabi Michael says:

    Please opera pays per how many views,? because I have posted news with 264 views already,but I have not been paid

  2. Charles says:

    I published an article on hub opera titled “It is dangerous to rubish your government” I don’t know why it is still on draft. Pls comfirm.

    • I’m not a staff at Opera news hub so i can’t confirm it, but from the explanation you gave it seems you haven’t publish the article.
      Proceed to publish it and it will display “pending” till they accept it or deny it.
      If they deny it then they will give you an explanation for it.

  3. Charles says:

    Just want to comfirm whether to press submit directly after creating my page?

  4. Edidiong says:

    Please how can I edit my opera news account so that I can add my opal account number

  5. Sir i want to watch news on opera news please share link

  6. Nweke Frank says:

    Sir, I would like to participate in this writing skill. But I don’t know how to go about it.

    How can I signing up?
    And what are the do and don’t?
    And how can I get my rewards?

  7. love opera mini & opay.

  8. Ambrose Alufah says:

    How can I register to also benefit from this?

  9. please how do I submit my article in opera news hub
    it’s urgent

  10. Before,if I login my opera news hub page, it will show dash board, contents, monetization and so on.
    But if I sign in https://m.hub.opera.com/ now, its on showing published page , what is happening?


    What do you mean by “wemedia name?”

  12. Mosaino says:

    How to succeed in any game

  13. Michael says:

    Chelsea thrashed Liverpool 2-0 by disqualifying them in fa cup

  14. Olamilekan Lawal says:

    Please, I am trying to upload my first article but i don’t know how to use the hashtag options. Any help?

  15. miraculous24 says:

    i just started

  16. Daniel uvegbu says:

    I need Heip my platform is not showing a large space to write only 100 and if I try to post, it show from 300 to 500 is characters are need.

  17. Nicholas says:

    I want to commend opera for their good good job However I have an observation; most time when I read some views & articles from individuals making request on line , how to reach them becomes a problem, why not drop their phone number for easy access . There is a particular articles I read from a lady on line here, till this moment am still looking for how to get in torch with her . pls if you have a means to link me up , I ‘ll be grateful . thanks

  18. Emmanuel says:

    Am new here. How long will it take to review my account?

  19. Charles Ekelemchi says:

    please when will Opera pay March payment

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