Pi Network Hits 10 Million Miners: How to Mine Pi Coin Easily

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how to mine Pi coin

In this post, I will guide you through how to mine Pi Coin easily. Read on

Cryptocurrency has become invaluable. As a digital currency with incredible value, miners of cryptocurrency are increasing every day. In other words, there are millions of crypto miners and counting. In this post, I will introduce you to the Pi Network, and how to mine Pi Coin with ease. So, you can be a crypto miner; a digital gold miner.

Although, Bitcoin has been around for a decade and it is currently worth over N9 million, Pi Netwotk has also become worth mining as it also reached 10 Million miners. That means the Pi coin is now becoming as valuable as other cryptocurrencies.

The Pi Network is the pioneer social coin you can mine with ease from your smartphone. This mobile version known as the beta version was launched on March 14, 2019 by four members of the Stanford University Alumni. They are Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Dr. Chengdiao Fan, Vincent McPhillips, and Aurelien Schiltz. They were graduates of Stanford University.

Having introduced to you what the Pi Coin and the Pi Network is, let’s now move on to how to mine Pi Coin. But before that, let me explain how the Pi Network mining works.

How Does Pi Coin Mining Works

Although, mining cryptocurrency is a difficult and complicated process, yet it is quite profitable if it is calculated and mined to gold. During mining process, large numbers of calculations are made to combine individual transaction blocks into single chain known as blockchain.

If you are novice in crypto, gaining coins from minining is quite difficult as you need to be familiar with different mining strategies. For instance, when you want to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you need to have equipment like GPU and ASIC hardware.

In the case of Pi Coin mining, it is not like that. Pi Network mining has made it easy for novice miners to mine from their mobile phones through the app. In other words, they do not need huge power inputs and sophisticated equipment like Bitcoin. Pi Network has created a user friendly mobile app, which allows miners to mine coins from their smartphones.

Now let’s move to how you can mine Pi Network.

how to mine Pi coin

How to Mine Pi Coin on Pie NetWork

Like I mentioned earlier, you can mine Pi Coin from your mobile phone. That is the good news about it. Now let me guide you through the steps to mining Pi Coin

  1. Download and install the Mobile App
  2. After downloading the mobile app, you sign up. There are options you can choose from: Facebook or Phone number.
  3. Create a password. A password you can remember
  4. Then set up your details. Your original profile details.
  5. Enter your referrer’s code. This is required. Also, you can search google for invite codes of many users
  6. When you are done signing up, you will receive a message for a successful sign up. However, you have to keep visiting the app to prove that you are not a bot trying to sign up.

Your crypto will be credited in 24 hours for you start mining.

How to Install the Pi Network Software on Your PC.

To install the Pi Network software on your PC, follow these sew steps:

  • Click on the dropdown menu
  • Click Node from the dropdown menu
  • This will display a link where you can install and download the software
  • Then a code will be displayed on the software after installation for connection from your phone to your PC.

For a detailed explanation on How to Mine Pi Coin, Watch the YouTube video and ubscribe to our YouTube channel.


In conclusion, to gain maximum mining experience and to become a node, you have to keep mining regularly with your PC.

One advantage of having the Pi network on your PC is that you get the opportunity to be a live node. That means you are one of the miners already. In addition you get paid when you validate transactions on the blockchain.

To mine at higher rate, you need to refer people to join the chain. As a beginner, you can only mine at 0.4 Pi per hour . When you become a miner or node, you need to invite people to the Pi Network. To become an active node, watch the YouTube video below



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