Piggyvest Review – The best platform to save and earn online

Piggyvest is said to be first online savings and investment app in West Africa, this great innovation comes in handy with loads of benefits.

Hey! What’s the point of saving in a piggy bank that you can end up breaking and take money anytime you need when you can save with piggyvest and get good interest on your savings?

Piggyvest was launched back in 2016 as piggybank.ng but later change the name, back in 2016, the only services they render was a saving platform, now they have arrays of services that one will really like to partake in.

Service of piggyvest

Piggyvest: best ways to earn and save online

Piggyvest helps you to save money be it little or large amount over time and when you are ready to collect the money, you get it with interest, so basically it is safe to say they help you in doing the contribution.

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Commercial banks maximum interest on savings is 4% of which they charge you for ATM card maintenance fees and other charges so at the end of the day you won’t earn much for leaving your money in their care. (Too bad)

Below is a video i made for piggyvest….very explanatory, do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.

With piggyvest you get between 10-12% interest on saved money without any charges plus other bonuses, sounds good right? Click here to join piggyvest right away and save smartly.

Features of piggyvest services include:


Piggyvest: best ways to earn and save online

The piggy bank service or features enables you to save money, all you have to do is choose any amount of money to save and the amount will be automatically taken from your account, during the process you will be asked to choose a withdrawal time in year.

Any attempt to withdraw part of the money before the stipulated time will attract 5% charges, sounds harsh right? With this high % one will be discouraged to touch part of the money which will imbibe saving culture in us. Click here to start saving with piggyvest today.

Safe lock

Piggyvest: best ways to earn and save online

This feature on the piggyvest platform allows you to set money aside for a fixed period of time without having access to it until its maturity time. This is just like a typical fixed deposit account but on your mobile phone this time. 

This feature also gives you the room to choose your desired duration of time to lock funds. You can lock for as little as 10 days or as much as 1000 days.

Flex Naira

Piggyvest: best ways to earn and save online

Piggyvest offers a service called flex Naira which permits you to transfer, accept and build emergency funds with ease, and zero charges.

Target savings

Piggyvest: best ways to earn and save online

The target feature on the piggyvest platform provides a great opportunity for setting goals, savings goal, this way you will keep to your target and try as much as possible to meet them and of course you won’t have access to the funds so you won’t have a better choice than to keep on saving.

This feature is great for me as it has helped me saved a lot and met so many targets in the past while trying to save up for some needs.

Auto saves

This wonderful feature on the piggyvest platform let you choose a specific amount to save periodically, be it daily, weekly or monthly.

I did a small calculations and came up with a nice number. For instance if you decide to save #300 per day, piggyvest will automatically deduct #300 from your account every day and at the end of a year you would have saved #109,500.

That’s pretty a tidy sum of money, what if you planned to save #300 each day and on a particular day you don’t have up to #300 in your account ? no worries , that’s no punishable crime.

piggyvest will check back on your account the next day and remove only #300 and continue the saving journey, so at the end of the saving period you will get the amount you were able to save plus interest.


investify with piggyvest

PiggyVest just added an investment feature where you can invest in agriculture, production and industries right from the app. Currently there is an ongoing Rice farm investment where you invest a certain amount that will be used to farm rice and you will be paid back after 9 months with 20% interest.

How to make money with piggyvest

Piggyvest referral program is pretty simple once you understand it and the best part is that it’s free. Unlike sharing websites like NNU, Giftal world, rolexkash and tap2earn which a pretty bum-ass program designed to waste your time. with piggyvest you you don’t to pay a dime, all you have to do is deposit #1000 and your account will be activated.

Hey! you can sure withdraw the 1k if you like, join piggyvest today and receive 1,000 per referral, refer 10 people this month and earn 10k from the comfort of your mobile phone.

But to withdraw your piggyvest referral bonus you have to be fully registered, you can read up on how to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus so you can be able to withdraw yours easily.

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  1. Salvador Mariam says:

    Very nice platform. I’ll like to join

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  5. Emem Inwang says:

    My experience with Piggyvest while I was in school was cool. I just needed to understand other features on the platform.

    Thanks for helping.

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