How to make money through fabrics business in Nigeria

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Fabric business in Nigeria

Fabrics business in Nigeria can be very lucrative if one deploy the best approach to it.

I know the question on your mind will be what is the best approach to deploy in fabrics business in Nigeria?

I like to hit my nail on its head so I can drive it into whichever thing I wants it to enter on time, so I won’t waste your time on this, I will mention all the vital point to avoid bluff and to also keep this write up short and meaningful relatable to fabrics business in Nigeria.

Fabrics business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business venture that you can start with little or no capital, I created a video on it on my youtube channel,

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Factors to consider before starting a fabrics business in Nigeria

1. Number one factor to consider is where to get the materials at a reasonable price so you can sell them for a good profit without making it look too expensive.
If your materials are too expensive, people won’t patronize you, so you need the right link or connect to get the materials at a very good rate.
If you need information or directives on how to get these fabrics at a very reasonable price and sell for good profit then you can contact me on whatSapp via +2349013028491 or Slooreviews@gmail.com.

2. The 2nd factor to consider is customers, this is equally important, if you don’t have good customer base or audience viewing your merchandise, you might end up not making sales which is not cool.

So to scale up your fabrics business in Nigeria, you need good and large audience to view what you are selling.

One of the best way to have large audience reach is social media, are you active on whatsapp, twitter or Instagram? If yes them you can upload your goods and drop your details for interested individual to reach you for more enquirers.

Aside social media, another place you can reach more customers is e-commerce sites like jumia, konga, jiji etc. below is a picture of a fabric material listed on jumia, so you can deploy this method too.

Fabrics business in nigeria

3. The 3rd factor to consider is added services to stand out from the crowd, almost all industry is super saturated in Nigeria and the Fabrics business is not an exception, so if you really want to make a difference then you must add extras to your service, e.g, Partner with a good tailor or fashion designers who can help you sew/sow nice designs like the ones below.

Fabrics business in nigeria

So if people buy fabrics material from you, you can also sweet talk them to help them sew it and that’s added profit for you.
You will do well to get a brand name so people who patronize you can easily contact you later and have a sense of identity for your brand.

4. Another thing that can help your fabrics business in Nigeria greatly is gift, when people patronize you, give them gift, you don’t have to go for expensive gift items, you can get them cool buttons or coflinks that matches the color of the material they bought from you so they can use it when they sew their preferred style. Below are pictures of some cool coflinks, you can get them for as low as N350.

Fabrics business in nigeria

Small and simple act as this makes big differences, and will attract more people to your brand.

5. The last factor to consider is if you really have passion for the business, this should be the first thing but sorry it came last, last but not the least though, no business is easy, so you need have the focus and dedication to give it all it takes to make it a success, once you have this mindset, you can move on to move mountains.

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