Racksterli: Amazing Ways to Make Money from Racksterli

Hi, beloved readers. This is Artful from Slooreviews.com. In this review article, I’ll be informing you of all you need to know about Racksterli.

As y’all know that online investment and money-multiplying websites are now all over the internet, one needs to be careful in making his research to figure out which is legit or a Scam. In fact, many people are very much concerned with the Return on Investments ROI than the credibility or legitimacy of the information of the business or the business itself. In other words, investments or money-multiplying websites.

When I was first introduced to Racksterli, I thought it was a replacement of the now-defunct Racksterly. Racksterly crashed. Now another one has emerged recently stylized as Racksterli.

There’s a review article on the now-defunct Racksterly and how it works.

About Racksterli: Is it a Replacement of Racksterly?

Racksteli homepage

This one of the most frequently asked questions: is Racksterli a replacement of the now crashed or defunct, rather, Racksterly?

The answer is no.

Racksterly is an income-earning program or platform. Although, before it crashed, it was legit for a considerable period of time— it was really paying and people were cashing out big-time.  Read more about Racksterly here.

Racksterli on the other hand, which is the purpose of this article was created in July 2020. It is more than just an income-earning program. It works around investments and ROI, Return of Investments. 

Now, this is one difference between the two platforms. However, there’s one similarity between these two platforms: they involve promoting sponsored posts and ads on social media accounts.

How Racksterli Works

Racksterli is a platform where corporate businesses come to pay for their products or services to be promoted by the users of Racksterli.  Racksterli on the other hand would pay its users or members for offering to promote these companies that have come to pay Racksterli for promotion on their social media pages like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

This is basically affiliate marketing.

As a user, you get paid for promoting sponsored content and posts on social media. This would happen when companies pay Racksterli for promotion. So, as an affiliate member, you get paid when you help advertise the products or service on Facebook or Instagram and every of your social media accounts.

Making Money on Racksterli

The primary reason you’ll ever become a member of this Investment platform known as Racksterli is to multiply whatever amount of money you’ll put into it. In other words, your reason for becoming a member is to get a profitable ROI on a regular basis.

There are two basic earning routine on Racksterli:

  • Sharing sponsored contents to your social media accounts, and
  • Through referral. That is, referring people to become new members. This is completely optional, though.

Racksterli Subscription Packages

To get started with Racksterli full-time, you’ve got to purchase one of the eleven (11) subscription packages in the sign-up stage. This will provide you a coupon code that will give you the gateway for a complete sign-up. These are the packages below:

Standard Package

Costs ₦14,000

Premium Package

Costs ₦28,000

Platinum Package

Costs  ₦56,000

Gold Package

Costs ₦112,000

Diamond Package

Costs ₦280,000

Ruby Package

Costs ₦560,000

Emerald Package

Costs ₦1,120,000

Pearl Package

Costs ₦2,800,000

Jasper Package

Costs ₦5,000,000

Sapphire Package

Costs ₦10,000,000

Topaz Package

Costs ₦20,000,000

Earnings of Each package

Each Racksterli packages has its own earnings.  Let’s discuss all of them below in the next paragraph.

  1. For the Standard Package, which costs ₦14,000, you are sure to earn $1.9 daily for sharing sponsored content to your social media pages.
  2. The Premium Package costs ₦28,000. With this Package, you’ll earn $3.9 daily for sharing sponsored posts to your WhatsApp and Facebook.
  3. The Platinum Package which costs ₦56,000 will earn you a daily $7.8 when you share sponsored posts or contents to WhatsApp and Facebook.
  4. On the Gold Package, which costs ₦112,000, you get to earn $15.6 daily for every shared sponsored content.
  5. The Diamond Package costs ₦280,000will get you $39 daily for shared sponsored content on your social media accounts.
  6. Coming to the Ruby Package, which is one of the Big packages on Racksterli, it costs ₦560,000. You’ll earn $74.42 daily for every sponsored content you share.
  7. Now to the Emerald Package, which costs ₦1,120,000. (This is big). You’ll earn $148.25 daily for every shared sponsored post on WhatsApp and Facebook.
  8. The Pearl Package costs ₦2,800,000 and it earns $344.45 for the same action you’re required to do to earn daily.
  9. Coming to the Jasper Package, which costs five million nairas, you get to earn $647.36 when you share sponsored posts to your Facebook and WhatsApp daily.
  10. Last but biggest package, Sapphire Package earns you one thousand, three hundred dollars every day as your ROI when you do the simple task of sharing sponsored posts and contents on social media.

With the above information, you can see that you basically have nothing to lose when you put your money into this. However, nothing do really lasts forever except for a long long time. You must have multiplied your money to a stupor when you decided to delve into this.

Referral earnings on each package

Asides from earning through sharing of sponsored posts, you can also earn through referrals. That is, by referring people to become members of Racksterli.

  • Standard Package: $3
  • Premium Package: $8
  • Platinum Package: $10.53
  • Gold Package: $11.85
  • Diamond Package: $13.16
  • Ruby Package: $15.7
  • Emerald Package: $18.4
  • Pearl Package: $22.3
  • Sapphire Package: $35
  • Jasper Package: $27.5
  • Topaz Package: $40

Now if you’re a badass at convincing people to invest in platforms like Racksterli, then you’re gonna earn a lot more than your daily earnings or monthly earnings.

 When you do a referral of 10 people, you get an extra $25. Imagine referring 10 people every day to Racksterli.

When you do referral 25 people, you get an extra $100.

It’s not done yet. If you can do a referral of 200 people on the Diamond Package within 30 days, you get $1000 added to your activity bonus.

Having given you this juicy information about referrals on Racksterli, you may be thinking if it actually pays without referrals.

The answer is yes: referrals are completely optional. However, to earn bigger and faster, doing referrals is the alternative way aside from sharing sponsored content on social media.

What you need to join Racksterli

To join Racksterli, you need a coupon code. This will help you complete the signup process. To contact any of the coupon vendors, Click here to get access to the contacts to any of the coupon vendors.

Who’s the Owner of Racksterli

This platform is owned by Micheal Chidiebre, who is a social media enthusiast and a proud owner of a big WhatsApp TV.

Racksterli Office Location

The office of Racksterli is located in Lekki, Lagos State. It also has active customer care service.

Is Racksterli Registered With the CAC?

This is another questions new members have been asking just to ensure that they are in the right investment and not a ponzi scheme like Qubittech. Of course, Racksterli is duly registered with and confirmed by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Bottom Line: Is Racksterli Legit or a Scam?

Having done a review of the website, and read the reviews of other business and investment critics, it’s gonna be wrong to pronounce or verdict Racksterli as a scam. However, I can’t also declare that it is legit. Although, its ROI per month is really making sense, yet we should keep it in mind that nothing lasts forever. Only good things last for a long time. This should not, however,  discourage you from investing. I know people who have attested to this and have regarded it as a legit investment. They are really cashing out big-time.

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