Racsterly crashes finally , racksterly is a fairly tale

Racksterly crashees?, “Racksterly has crashed” This was a message I got from a friend of mine that invested heavily into racksterly, I guess he wants to double his net worth before 2019 runs out.

Since yesterday 11th of Dec 2019 people have been contacting me through the comment section of the original article i wrote on the review of racksterly, if you missed the article then you can read it again racksterly review: is ractsterly.co legit or scam?

People having been dropping comment on my youtube video how they got my video late and all that.

People have been lamenting and feeling unease regarding the issues facing racksterly right now.

People are not happy that racksterly crashes at a stage they needed it most. isn’t that disappointing?

Below is a screenshot of people’s comment on my youtube video.

I got some comments about racksterly crashing on my blog too, below are screenshots of comments from my blog.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not of the fact that racksterly has crashed, but this program is doomed to crash, MMM and the likes started this way.

Looking beyond MMM, racksterly doesn’t have good program so they will definitely fail, do not jump into programs because they are paying out within few months from their inception.

Don’t miss out!!!

All programs including good and bad are expected to payout for at least 3 months before they finally face real issues.

Not all programs intend to scam the masses but lack of properly planning will make them face issues later on that they won’t have any choice than to run away.

At that stage, people’s money will be stuck in the program and they we’ll start screaming scam all around.

Bloggers in Nigeria are not helping matter, they recommend any program to their readers all in the name of the money they will make from referral commission.

Here on slooreviews.com we hardly recommend programs to our readers, we give honest review of all programs so people can be aware of what they are about to do.

If at all we recommend programs then they will be good ones that worth your time and not some random programs that claims to double your money simply because you’re sharing a post to your facebook daily like racksterly which is at the verge of crashing down.

If you have invested into racksterly then I will advice you hold tight and see how things turns out, if they come up and pay you then you’re lucky and I will advice you stay away from such programs.

Other subsequent times if you want to invest into any online program, kindly check our site to see if we have review on it.

If we don’t have then contact us on whatsapp and we’ll get a review ready for such business in 24 hours.

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12 responses to “Racsterly crashes finally , racksterly is a fairly tale”

  1. The title is misleading. That is not a good practice. This will put people in tense. However, just as you rightfully mentioned, Racksterly may fail.

  2. Success says:

    I guess you’re feeling that racksterly is a failed site!
    Well, its not. Its working well and all thanks to God.
    If your looking for sites to blackmail or 🙄 I don’t even know what to say.
    You better blog something else and if you don’t have, better still”goan sleep😋😋🤗
    Just got paid

    • MMM paid for over 7 months before it crashed, your knack for quick money will make you lose more money if care it not taken.
      I’m sure you did MMM then, did you do LOOM too? lol.
      To be honest with you, stay away from programs like this next time.

  3. Tony says:

    Racksterly has not crashed. I guess you don’t have an account there or those claiming so aren’t reading the notifications. They have an issue with paystack. So they couldn’t receive or pay. No time to explain. They should just check their notifications. I suggest you change the title. So it wouldn’t be difficult when they continue paying.

  4. Tokuala says:

    You guys are just fucked see you replying comments negatively. Forgetting how use less you are yes it may pack up but do we look like dummies to u? For us to invest it means it’s our spare money it’s money that we can stand to loose so fuck off with ur negative comments.

    • you are either one of the people behind the program or you are the chief founder, but I can feel your pain.
      When you said ” it’s our spare money it’s money that we can stand to loose ” do you mean you and your siblings ? you can only speak for yourself cause some people used their all in all.
      Easy make money from home can turn to easy lose money at home, udeme wise up.

  5. Yusuf Abdulganiyu says:

    May God help me thats the only money i have

  6. Bello audu says:

    Racksterly didnt pay me after investing and discharging my duties as they required ,no withdrawal i made , i can say that Racksterly is nothing but a scam

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