Racksterly Review: Is racksterly legit or scam?

Racksterly? what’s racksterly again? A friend of mine told me about racksterly not quiet long, in his words he was like “Sloo coman do this racksterly now, racksterly just paid me money o, racksterly is changing lives, ji masun”.

Anytime I hear of sites paying people the first thing that comes to my mind is “na scam e go be joor” no be only racksterly na rascality (kikiki)

I had to make a quick research as usual so I can create the best content regarding racksterly review.

Doing the research I had this question in mind.

Is Racksterly legitimate and one of the good ways to earn  passive income online?

There are countless ways to make money from the internet (online), this ways includes bitcoin, trading gift cards, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc. I’m not sure racksterly is a good way to earn income online.

What is racksterly all about?

From the information I gathered from their official site, I realized they are similar to viraltrend and mulabux just that viraltrend is a bit better.

how to make money from forex trading
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Racksterly claims companies seeking audience and want to expand their customer base advertise with them, so to make things more even, they are willing to display those companies’ advert on their platform so anyone who owns a paid account on their platform can share such post and earn.

I’m not totally convinced a good company will overlook facebook, linkedin, and google ads to come run an ads with a company called racksterly with no serious audience and targeted audience.

I made a video of how the platform operates , a critique video so you can be sure twhat you are about to get yourself into.

How to make money with racksterly?

To earn with racksterly, you have to sign up and subscribe to any of their packages.

Below is the screenshot of their packages

Racksterly review, scam or legit?

There are currently 4 packages on the rackterly platform with the smallest costing $18, second package cost $25, third cost $45 while the fourth cost $75.

Let’s assume you joined racksterly with the least package of $18, you will get paid 6.7% of the principle amount ($18) for 3o days, that is $1.2 every day.

At the end of a month you earn $36 and that’s double of your principal amount, good business right?

That’s very easy though, but I won’t recommend anyone to try this.

For second package which cost $25, you will get $1.8 daily for sharing post and at the end of the month you will get $45, opps it’s not up to double of the principal amount this time.

The third package cost $45, here you will get $3.5 daily for 30 days and that’s $105 at the end of the month.

The fourth package which cost $75 will pay $5.6 every day, at the end of the month you will get $168.

This platform is pretty new so I’m pretty sure they don’t have any big advertiser yet.

And sadly I don’t think they will ever get one.

Another way to make money through racksterly is their affiliate program.

Racksterly Affilaite Program

At racksterly , referral isn’t compulsory, and guess what? They slammed a juicy promo on their referral program so people can refer friends and all that.

If referral isn’t compulsory then why activating such bonus on it? I sense foul play in that aspect of the program.

Moving on with the referral system, the referral commission paid on racksterly is 9% only.

So if you refer someone that subscribe for their $18 package you will get 9% of $18 which is $1.62

If your referral subscribed for the second package of $25 then you will get 9% of that which is $2.25, for the third package you get $4.05 , what if your referral subscribe for the fourth package ? then you get $6.75 for your referral commission.

Any good affiliate program should be focused on product alone and not subscription package.

Don’t get carried away by testimonials that they are paying out, NNU paid till they crashed, MMM paid till they crashed as well.

Program as this will no doubt crash at the long run, don’t be a victim, I expect people to have learn their lesson should be more vigilant on how to invest money online.

Hey! On the other hand you can go into it if the registration fee is a drop in an ocean to you or you want to take the risk before it crashes.

This program is no better than giftalworld, nairalovers, rolexkash, NNU V2 or NNU forum, nextlevelpay I will advise you check out piggyvest, bitcoin and blogging.

Here are some points I gathered from scamadviser regarding this topic, for the sake of those that don’t know scamadviser, they are renowned and expert in giving tips about investment programs so you can stay safe online.


I always find their article very helpful.

Negative highlights

The identity of the owner of the website is hidden

The website is using a computer also used by other websites

No reviews have been found on WOT (WebOfTrust).

It has been 175 Days days since the website was set-up

The website was registered less than six months ago This website’s setup relates to 2 countries

Racksterly is similar to Viraltrend and mulabux ,i made a review of Viraltrend and mulabux too, you can read it , though they are paying out massively right now buti’m still skeptic about them.

I wrote a critique review of vriraltrend and racksterly where i compared the two platform,take a look at it before you venture into anyone of them.

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43 responses to “Racksterly Review: Is racksterly legit or scam?”

  1. omotayo says:

    Wow, you always nailed it on the head, how long have you been doing this review thing ?
    I’m happy to discover your blog man.
    God bless and thnaks.

    • Thanks for your comment, i’ve been doing this since i was born man, i love to make reviews about anything, i’m very critique, so i decided to take this online ever since i got scammed large amount of money through crypto ICO.

  2. Victor Owolabi says:

    Remarkable, this just saved someone cash for the festive period.
    Really appreciate the good work

  3. maureen says:

    nice one, i had to check for critics before venturing into it….i said to myself if l see just one that hits, i ain’t trying and that is it right here.

    • It’s very disappointing that 99% of the bloggers are promoting the network just for referral commission, at slooreviews we hardly recommend investment platforms, and when we do, it will be worth it.
      Pls do not forget to subscribe to our social media channels so you can stay updated from time to time.

  4. Swain says:

    Thanks man you save some souls

    • You are welcome man, feel free to share this article on your social media so some souls can be saved too…lol.
      Feel free to direct questions to us regarding any new emerging business so we can share our view of them.

  5. Kelvin I. O says:

    I pray I didn’t see this review late, my money is hanging. Thanks man for your review.

  6. Aminu Ibrahim Alkali says:

    But what happened racksterly side is not accessible again. Does that mean they have gone with people cash

    • Hello Aminu, it’s too early to say if they have fold up, but programs like this are meant to crash, this is how they will keep having issues from time to time till the disappear into thin air.

  7. Haidar says:

    Boss you know what? You one to be found im millions.. Many blogs and website advertising it to earn their referral but you shows different by exposing the truth..i recommend this site for people especially thus that are new on online stuff..
    I also recommend them to better learned on blogging were they can earn through advertising with genuine sites such as google advert etc..
    Am glad to check this site boss.
    Keep the Good job..only God can bless you..
    Let try to makes the pure online bussiness not scam..let creat a real online world not the fakes one..let try to protect our online world from scammers to avoid mistrust from our people..
    Here we go..Be With Me Technology can teach you more on website development and blogging so that you can create your own world, to avoid scammers be a programmer not the readers of the grammer,this is facts about Computer world..
    Thumb up boss.

    • You are welcome man, I’m always disappointed when people promote shitty business all in the name of referral commission.
      you can contact me via twitter @SolomonJulius20.

  8. mehn i have my 45$ there now and the site has been slow for a couple of days now, im now very skeptical, i didnt actually try to refer anyone, except a friend that saw my browser and decided to venture into it too, i usually cash out before i tell people about stuffs like this, my pay out is due for december 31st and i hope so much i get paid,
    your crictical thoughts are highly appreciated and quite resourceful tho, and better than other sites that write good stuffs about it and end it with their referral link. way to go bro.

    • You should be able to get your payout when they come back, but after that don’t double your investment, when you get $104 or thereabout, you invest back $25 or $45 so if they end up crashing earlier than expected then you will be happy you got your initial capital back.

  9. Ogah Edith says:

    Where is Racksterly now🤔 don’t understand what’s going on? It’s not accessible

    • They are facing issues, this program is doomed to fail though.
      Why not follow us on social media to stay updated about programs you can invest into and those you need to stay away from.

  10. Abiodun says:

    Excellent review. Thanks for sharing this vital information. Please, I would like to know how the kind of application you used to do your Youtube videos.
    I would like to have your phone number

  11. Temmy says:

    Thanks for this review. Honestly I have the same view, but then I was still planning to take the risk. Right now their server is down and the site can’t be accessed. All these signs plus all the negative comments on their facebook page and of course your great review of this site have made me changed my mind. I will no longer take such risk… I will just sit down and watch the end of the movie. Thanks for this review. It helps me a lot.

  12. kaycee says:

    You did not do well, you’re not a good person, so why telling us now that every thing is hanging cus is too late to withdraw our self back cus our money has already been stocked in there, your information is not saving us rather it’s making our heart beat. Am sure you are one of them you’re just trying to let us know that you guys has short dawn but it’s not fare God will judge you people

    • lol, i can’t stop laughing, check the date i created this article, i created this 4 or 5 days before this site has issues, i don’t even know this site, i didn’t invest a penny into it.
      You discovered my slooreviews.com very late bro.
      Kindly reach out to us regarding any business you want to venture into so we can make a review about it.

  13. Hunter says:

    The website no longer opens. Sad. I actually had some plans for it. Very sad. Thanks for the review tho. Heart breaker..

  14. Vibe says:

    I need review on boxvalue

    • Hey thanks for reaching out, i will get the review ready under 20 hours and share you a link.
      Or chat me via whatsapp 09013028491

    • Hello vibe, you asked us to make a review about boxvalue for you.We’ve done our magic again, here is the link https://tinyurl.com/qsbu7jtRead and enjoy the amazing facts we uncovered.Do not forget to follow us on our social media pages.

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  21. nanka joshua Mathias says:

    I dit my on December last yes but I dit not gain it and my moneys was not returned why.

  22. Hayford says:

    How can I write a review about a company too?

  23. bukola afeni says:

    heard about it but im scared to invest

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