Rolexkash.net scam or legit

Which one is Rolexkash.net again o? I hate stumbling into programs like rolexkash, giftal world, Naijalovers and those bunch of time wasters, so I saw a post on facebook by someone I don’t know, I’m not proud of the fact that I don’t know 99% of the people on my facebook list, they keep posting things I find annoying, one guy on my list posted rolexkash and even have the gut of inviting me to make passive income.

I gave him a listening hear and check out the rolexkash to be sure if I can really invest into the program or not, lo and behold I nearly throw  up on seeing the design and the color riot alone. The look and feel is just too trashy, how on God’s earth will someone put up such nasty design and expects people to even visit the site?

How do you earn money through rolexkash.net?

So basically you can earn through 5 ways in the rolexkash.net program, these ways of earnings are:

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Daily Login:

Just like NNU, you can make money from the rolexkash program by login onto the website daily, you get #100 (one hundred Naira) daily when you login, so if you are faithful enough to login daily for a year that’s 36,000 or there about, unfortunately, programs as rolexkash won’t stick around for a year.

Referral Bonus:

To join the rolexkash program you will have to pay the sum of #1,500, (one thousand five hundred naira) a time payment, if you refer people you will get 55% of the amount as referral bonus, 55% of 1,500 is 900, so if you’re able to refer about 10 people per week then you get 9k weekly, sounds good right ?.

Reading of news and comment:

Just like NNU, you get paid to read and drop comment, isn’t that great? Yes it is, just that you get #2 from each post you read and also get #5 for dropping a comment, so if you can read like 50 post a day that’s #100 for you and if you can drop like 100 comments which is nearly impossible you will get #500, not a good way to start right ? another trashy program.

Sponsored post:

I kind of like this part because you get #200 for just sharing sponsored post on your facebook page or timeline, so if you’re able to share about 10-20 of the sponsored post then you earn between #2k-#4k daily right ? bad news is you can’t share sponsored post more than once a day and some days or weeks there won’t be any sponsored post.

Testimonial and writing of post:

For doing any of this task you get #100 , before you can get #100 for post, you post must be captivating and interesting and most be accepted by the admin of rolexkash, they’re the god’s to appease in this case.

I hate to say this but ever since NNU crashed, I hate to see any program copying that failed strategy and having the guts to advertise it online for people to join, individuals behind this program should be traced and jailed for making attempt to waste people’s time and for also deploying failed formula.

There’s no much to say about rolexkash.net than to tell you guys to stay away from it for good.

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7 responses to “Rolexkash.net scam or legit”

  1. mukhtar abubakar says:

    how do i register in reloxkash please help me

    • admin says:

      To register you have to visit their official site, hope you read the review i made about them though?
      Thanks for your comment by the way bro.

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