Royal Q Review: How to Make Money on Royal Q through Referrals

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Royal Q Review: How to Make Money With Royal Q Trading Robot through Referral.

There are basically two methods of earning on Royal Q Trading Robot: the first method, which is crypto trading. 

This happens when the Royal Q trades cryptocurrency for you based on your capital and the ROI attached to it. 

You can read more about using Royal Q to trade cryptocurrency expertly below.


In this article, we’ll talk about the second method of earning on Royal Q, i.e through referral programs.

Referral commissions or referral programs are an integral part of affiliate marketing, but on this AI cryto trading bot system, it is quite different. 

First of all, it serves as an extra earning program apart from the profits made from cryptocurrency.

Secondly, it is network based as users can earn depending on the number of crypto traders invited to trade through their referral link.

This is because by referring others you get to earn passive income. It works like this: the people you invite, when they also invite others, you get a commission for every person who joins from your upline.

Image Source:Royal Q Reviewhttps://torchbankz.com/royal-q-trading-bot-review/

The First Level is called V1…

This is the basic level and tt this level, you’ll make a $30 instant commission on everyone you referred and also earn a piece of commission from their  trades profit.

The Second Level is called V2…

This level requires you to personally refer at least 3 users and an overall team of 20 users to get there. Directly by you or indirectly referred by the users you’ve registered.

At this level, you’ll get a $40 direct referral bonus and a 30% reward bonus from the entirety of your team and you’ll also earn $10 commission from new member activation from your downline.

The Third Level is called V3…

At This level,  you can gain access to a $50 direct referral bonus and a 40% team reward. 

In other words, you should also encourage your team to invite more people so you can get that 40% bonus

But to get to this level, you need 5 direct referrals and three V2 members from your team, and a totality of 100 team members to achieve this level.

At this level, you’ll get a $20 commission from your direct downline when they activate new members.

The Fourth Level is called V4…

This level gives you a direct referral bonus of $60 whenever you directly referred someone and a total of 50% team reward from trading profit.

To attain this level, you need 8 direct referrals, three V3, and a total team of 300. Then you’ll get an extra $30 commission when your direct downline activates new members.

Probably, you must have watched a YouTube video or read an article asking you to join with a certain referral link. So people trying to refer you might just be doing so because of the referral bonus and the money they want to make.

So be careful to know how the platform works before parting away from your hard-earned money while investing in the Royal A trading bot. However, you should be a crypto trader looking to earn more. 

Also, I encourage you to invest with your spare money anytime you’re investing like this. Although Royal Q has been popularly reviewed to be legit and I pronounce it’s legitimacy.



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