Rubies bank- A must use digital bank for everyone

Rubies bank- A must use digital bank for everyone

Have you heard of Rubies bank ? Do have an account with Rubies bank? If your answers to those two questions is “no” then you must take some quick and smart steps so as not to miss out of the loads of goodies Rubies bank has to offer.

Rubies bank is a digital bank owned by their mother company called Highstreet microfinance bank, Highstreet is an incredible microfinance bank, they created Rubies bank for high demand of digital products by millions of tech savvy individuals, we are in a digital age so digital products and courses are more patronized and consumed worldwide.

The internet giant Google herself has to make a move to provide over 100 digital courses for the whole world called “learn digital with Google”.

Rubies bank- A must use digital bank for everyone

Features of Rubies bank

Personalized  Account number

With Rubies bank, you have the privilege to customize your account number at the point of opening the account, for example you can use your phone number(s), your birthday with some extra with it.

That’s so sleek right ? You also get bank statement through email and all transactions notification through SMS like any other bank which is not a bad idea.

Free  and customizable ATM Card

Rubies bank- A must use digital bank for everyone

Banking with rubies bank comes with a cost-free ATM card, unlike commercial banks, you don’t have to worry about paying #1,050 for ATM card, your Rubies bank ATM card will be deliver to you via shipping or courier service, another nice thing about the ATM card is that you don’t have to pay maintenance charges monthly like other commercial banks do charge their customers.

Another good about the ATM card is that it can be customized, you don’t have to follow the conventional ways of writing your first name and surname on your ATM card. How sexy would it be to put your nickname on your card? I’m putting slooreviews on my card, I can’t wait to lay my hands on it.

I really love the idea of more digital financial services coming into the league to make the commercial banks stand on their toes and provide a better services unlike the poor services they dish out every time, piggyvest is another big play in this digital banking sphere that provides the previldge too save, earn and invest with them.

One good thing about the piggyvest is that your earn up 12% interest for saving money with them alone, read about it HERE.

Affordable transaction charges

Rubies bank- A must use digital bank for everyone

Unlike other commercial banks that charges N52 per transaction which will be increased soon in Nigeria as Federal government has made moves to increase value added tax (VAT) , Rubies bank only charge you N21 per transaction that’s about 59.62% less!!!, that is a whole lot of discount man!, you won’t get it better anywhere else.

Credit score

Rubies bank- A must use digital bank for everyone

Credit score, also known as credit rating, is a number that reflects the likelihood of you paying credit back, the higher your credit score, the better your chance of being accepted for credit , at the best rates. Your credit score influences your chance of getting credit loans, mortgages etc.

You Earn Money as a Customer with Rubies

Rubies bring to the market a unique feature, which allows anyone, become an Independent banker otherwise known as iBanker. This means that if you are willing to run your own mini bank, Rubies serves as the platform for you to do that freely.

You simply on-board your own “banking customers” using your unique link and every time your customer does a transaction, you earn money. Rubies want everyone to take a piece of the pie.

Rubies is a Banking app on steroids. It provides banking functions much like any other banking solutions but it offers much more than most banking app.

Money Market – this is where you make money either by investing or providing money to those who need it on loan. Rubies Credit score is growing in popularity as a standard.

Social Appeal – you interact with other users on Rubies and get alerted when your buddies join Rubies, Proximity feature allows you to see people around you. The look and feel is sleek, neat and appealing.

Bank-as-a-service – Rubies Technology is available for use by any other financial institutions playing in Banking, Finance, Technology and FINTECH industries, thus offering bank as a service.

Open Banking – API-based architecture of Rubies will give it the scale it yearns. Open banking architecture allows smooth integration with FINTECH companies, SMEs and other quasi-financial institutions while Rubies serves a layer-2 Clearing function.

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