Sidegig.ng Review: Is sidegig.ng Legit or Scam?

Sidegig.ng is a website where participants get paid for carrying out specific work ranging from commenting on post on social media, liking posts and pictures, subscribing to channels etc. Another similar site that operates this way is viraltrend.

Sidegig isn’t limited to publishers or influencers alone, if you are looking for publicity, reactions, followers, subscribers etc, then Sidegig.ng is one of the place you should be checking out.

How to earn from Sidegig.ng

Earning from sidegig.ng isn’t a difficult task to carry out, all you have to do is carry out available tasks and you will earn money, the amount you earn per task is clearly written on task’s profile as shown in the screenshot below.

Earning opportunity on sidegig.ng is not limited to carrying out this micro jobs alone,  you can step up your game by creating a standard social media profile, advertise services like Instagram likes and followers and charge sizable fee.

Once you get and order you can easily head straight to sidegig.ng and to supply whichever thing you need to supply be it likes, followers, subsribers, comments etc.

Deploying this method you would make more money than carrying out the task yourself.

You watch the youtube video i made reviewing sidegig.ng by clciking the thumbnail below.

Registration & Withdrawal Process on Sidegig.ng

Just like every other sites, all you have to provide to join sidegig is email, name, Nickname(Username) and a password and you are up and running.

To withdraw from sidegig.ng you must meet the withdrawal threshold of NGN 4,000 if you are withdrawing to your bank account, if you would like to get your withdrawal inform on airtime then you must have at least NGN 500 in your sidegig.ng account.

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