How to Start a blog in Nigeria 2019 (with less capital)

Do you know you can start a blog in Nigeria with less capital? Hey! I presume you already know what a blog is or at least have a little knowledge about what a blog is before stumbling on this article so I won’t like to waste your time further explaining the intro.

Easy steps in starting a blog

To start your blog in Nigeria or anywhere first thing you have to do is pick your domain name: picking your domain name is very important as your (future ) readers will only find you easily with this name, the implication is your domain name must be very simple and catchy enough so your readers can remember it effortlessly and revisit your site provided they find good contents with you.

You can also read my article on how to make money from blogging in Nigeria after you you’ve created your blog site .

What is a domain name ?

A domain name is your site address, for example www.google.com or www.slooreviews.com , it is always advisable to pick a domain name that has something to do with what you are going to blog/write about on your blog.

In that sense it will be wrong to start your blog with domain name like www,anitadogs.com for entertainment and general news as the name should be used for site focusing on dog’s feeds, health and tips.

There are over 1 billion sites on the internet with different domain name for each, so chances are the domain name you have in mind might not be available as someone might have set up a nice site with the name or just savagery parked the domain name so someone in desperate need of it can cough up chunk of money to acquire it.

My advise for you is  if the initial domain name you have in mind is taken is “if the desired is not available, the available become the desired” meaning, look for another nice name and develop the same interest for it..CHEERS!!!

Another point  worth mentioning is that you must get your domain from a reliable company, to start your blog in Nigeria with less capital, i will suggest SmartWeb Nigeria or namcecheap this is an affiliate link and if you choose to click through the link I might earn a commission from it but, I will never promote a service/product for the sole reason of earning a commission. I can only promote a service I have personally used , tested and trusted it.

To set up our blog with less than N4,000, we have to use smartweb for our webhost and domain registration so I will suggest you  go ahead and grab your domain name by clicking on the button below.

Hey! I am sure you haven’t gotten the domain name yet so let’s continue on how to actually keep the cost low for the two important things we need to set up our blog which are (1) Domain name (2) hosting plan, a domain name cost around #3,500 while hosting plan start from #3,500 with the highest one around #20,000 per year.

At smartweb you get a domain name with the extension .com.ng free for a year when you purchase a hosting plan with them, good right ?

So all you have to do is click here to go to smartweb site and purchase a shared hosting plan of #3,500 and during the process add a domain name with the extension .com.ng e.g www.example.com.ng

It will show the cost which is usually around #950 but you won’t have to pay for it for the first year.

Now that you’ve successfully registered your domain name and have an active hosting plan, you will have to wait for about 2 hours so your domain name can propagate (during this period, your domain will be linked to your host and be ready to go live on world wide web).

After the new created site is live on world wide web then the next thing is to decide what content management system (CMS) to use, personally I use wordpress and it’s very easy to install wordpress on your smartweb Cpanel, I have a well explained article on it and I will drop a link for you to access the article below.

Pick A Niche

The next step is  find your niche and decide what do blog about

Before you get too far down the lane of learning how to start a blog, deciding everything your blog is going to to do, and what it’s going to look like, you need to answer a simple question:

why ?

  1. Why do you care to about the topic you’re blogging about?
  2. Why should other people listen to what you’re saying ?
  3. Why is it this a topic that you can add value to?
  4. What is a niche ? And why does your blog needs one?

A niche is more than just a topic. It’s the approach you’re going to take, the audience you want to go after and how you’re going to talk to them and position yourself as an expert.

A niche doesn’t have to be your passion but, you have to be passionate enough about it to keep you putting in work every day to be better at what you do and by doing so delivering the best to service to your readers/audience and that’s to the betterment of your blog.

So it is advised to write on niche you are passionate about, don’t go about writing on all niches intending to pass message to everyone, like the saying that says “if you write to everyone you don’t write to anyone” so write to a particular set of people and make your writings worth their while so they can come back some other times.

Choose a Theme or Template and Design Your Blog

Now that you’ve got your domain and host and have probably install wordpress if you follow my suggestion then you will have millions of free and paid themes/template at your disposal, you can use free ones but it will limit your design, usability and earning opportunity. If you choose to purchase a paid theme or template then you will have it for forever and it will give you rooms for customization and prompt customer support when problem arises.

Create your pages and great contents

You have to enhance your blog layout with easy call to action buttons , pages and categories so visitors and can easily navigate your content, visitors will likely return to your site if it has a well layout content unlike site with jam-packed contents and poor structure which can make navigating such site unnecessary hard or difficult.

I want to lay more emphasis on great contents once more, this will keep your readers coming to your site for interesting write up, if you have a further question about how to set up your website or have addition which you think is very important and we didn’t cover it, kindly post it via the comment box as we’ll love to hear from you.

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