Sunbiz.com.ng Reviews: Is www.sunbiz.com.ng Legit or Scam?

Just like NNU, Giftalworld, Mulabux Nairalover and countless of the news sharing sites, sunbiz.com.ng is no different; the site proposes the same earning opportunity, the same mode of operation.

What Is Sunbiz.com.ng All About?

Sunbiz.com.ng is a news forum which is newly launched as at the time of this lockdown to help people make small money while in their various homes, especially students.

Just like other income program, it enable users to earn while doing some activities on the Website. 

The activities which enable users to earn money include the following;

  • Referring others
  • Reading and commenting on post
  • Sharing sponsor post on your social media platforms
  • Daily login

How To Join Sunbiz Forum – Registration Guidelines

After knowing what sunbiz forum is all about, for those who may want to join. It takes only one time registration of N500 to become a member of Sunbiz Forum and start earning while doing some activities.

I will explain how you can join the forum below;

  • Visit www.sunbiz.com.ng
  • Click on Join Sunbiz Technology Income
  • Input your details
  • Click on Coupon Code
  • This Coupon Code is N500 only
  • Input your Coupon Code

How to earn with sunbiz.com.ng

Just like every other news sharing sites, the only way to earn is by referring others, reading news, daily login and by sharing of ads or sponsored post, sunbiz forum is no difference so below is how much you earn for tasks.

  • You Earn ₦300  after registration completed ( Sign up bonus).
  • You Earn ₦100 for daily login.
  • You also Earn another ₦250 for sharing Sponsored post to your social media accounts.
  • Earn ₦5 for each news you read on the site.
  • You Earn instant ₦300 when you refer someone using your referral link 

Is Sunbiz forum legit or scam?

There is no founder’s profile on the site, the business model they are proposing has failed woefully from many examples like nnu, giftalworld and amongst others.

I won’t lable sunbiz forum a scam, but they will definitely won’t stand the test of time, so it is left to you if you want to stand the risk of working and not get paid.

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