Tap2Earn Review-How to cash out

Tap2earn is the new goldmine now, I laughed when I saw that as what Sapp status of one my friend.

Guys there is a program trending now called tap2earn, basically what you do to earn money in the tap2earn program  is by clicking  few buttons and earn money easily, easily ? Doesn’t that sounds too good to be true?

To further destroy the little interest I have in it, I realized they pay $25 for sign up registration and also pay $10-$15 for each person you referred. Tap2earn is a new company without serious sponsors so how can they afford to pay that much for just referral bonus and it cost $0.00 to join their program.

I’m always in doubt of any new program claiming they’re legit and pay people money for doing nothing of good economic value for them, so I had to run some quick check through tap2earn site to know what is really going on over there and I was not disappointed.

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On getting to tap2earn, I noticed the generic makeup of theme and look and feel of my exchange site (lol) isn’t that funny?

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So they make use of a generic theme for their program?! If you’re curious then check my exchange site www.slooxchange.com to see for yourself.

Founder Biography

One of the first things I do look to see in sites as tap2earn is the founder am always interested in their motives for creating this kind of program and why they think it’s safe for people to invest into it.

But I was disappointed because I couldn’t find anything like that on tap2earn.

I’m not a big fan of program/inventions whose their inventors try to hide behind the cloud, a very good examples of those bad programs are tap2earn, rolexkash, giftal world and nairalovers.

If you’re looking for legitimate ways to earn a living online then i will suggest you read my awesome article on how to make money through bitcoin, gift card and piggyvest.

Contact details

The 2nd thing is contact details, in this present age, most people like to put a call through to whichever person/individual or company they are dealing with anytime an issue arises, I was disappointed cause I couldn’t find anything like that on tap2earn, I only saw e-mail which is not the best means of communication for a company paying between $10-$15 for each person referred, there is no Chabot for frequently asked question (FAQ).

More incommunicado

No live chat for people to chat with customer supports when they have problems with their account, so how can they prove they mean business? I dogged further to check their social media platforms and noticed some of them aren’t working, for example the Facebook isn’t working.

The twitter was setup back in 2012, so from logical reasoning it’s safe to say they customized someone’s twitter account and turn it an account for tap2earn, I tried to scroll down the tweet history and I got stuck at a point which implies they deleted some old post that nothing to do with their current venture.

Payment proof

The last thing I checked on their site is  the “payment proof” section and I saw some mind bulging figures, they claimed they’ve paid over $68,000,000 to people, how can a company of such standard can’t afford to have a quality site and good program?

The funniest thing none of my friend has cashed out yet, no one knows anyone that knows someone that has cashed out, when you check they internet sphere all reviews about tap2earn is not impressive so let’s head on to my final judgment.

Final judgment

On my slooreviews scale I will rate them 2/10 for setting up the site and creating those dummy contents and those shitty ideas, no thanks to them for collecting our emails lying to us that they will pay. As at the time if writing this article I’m 100% SURE tap2earn is a waste of time, I will keep you guys updated regarding how things turns out with tap2earn.

As at the time if writing this article I’m 100% SURE tap2earn is a waste of time, I will keep you guys updated regarding how things turns out with tap2earn.

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