What is TcodeInvestment? Are is Tcodeinvestment legit or scam?

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Ever heard of TcodeInvestment? So it happens that I was on Instagram binging away at the countless updates and post and I saw a video from a comedian I followed.

He made the comic video to advertise Tcodeinvestment, I can’t blame him, that’s how he gets paid, I can’t wish him bad in his hustle.

I’m pretty sure he would not invest his personal money into the program, anyways he can if he’s part of the founder of the program.

So I surveyed the site with my usual critique eyes and I could see so many things are wrong with the whole idea of getting 20% returns in a month which TcodeInvestment are proposing.

You can watch a video I made reviewing their site on Youtube from the display below, do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.


I searched their site and I couldn’t find anything about the founder of the program, they can’t be traced, they only have address that I can’t verify, their contact details are: FUNAAB Alabata Road, Abeokuta , Ogun State , Nigeria

Call Us Now +234 816 429 6027,Contact@tcodeinvestment.com, Support@tcodeinvestment.com.

Don’t get fooled by contact details like that, what if those addresses doesn’t exist? They were not specific about what they will use the money invested with them for.

20% return in 30 days is crazy, do not try this at all, it won’t end well.

Moving on to check if they are insured so one would know money invest with them are secured I was disappointed again that there is nothing like that.

The minimum amount that can be invested with them is NGN50,000 isn’t that too much to lose? And by the way, what business would they invest the money into to get such huge profit to pay 20% on each NGN50,000?

They claimed they will invest the money into real estate and some other agric businesses.

I will advise you stay away from TcodeInvestment till the founder makes a video of him or herself assuring the public that he or she is behind the idea and clearly tell us why he/she thinks this idea would work .

solomon julius

solomon julius

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