There are many ways to make money online,  either by rendering a service or by investing, the method I used in making the $800 dollars is through investment, the title/topic of this article isn’t click bait so hold up and keep reading.

I made $800 through $0 investment in timestope, the reason why it is $0 was because I didn’t invest money, rather I invested time, time is valuable right ? so I invested time and make some dollars out of it.

At this point you might be thinking if it’s totally possible to just invest time and make as much as $800 or more, it is possible, without further delay let’s head into the full details.


Timestope is a crypto start up that’s pretty new and one good thing about this coin is, you can mine it for free on your mobile phone. Hey! did you just complained about browsing data? You don’t have to turn on your data 24/7 just to mine, all you have to do is login daily and click on the globe icon so as to show you participated that particular day.

Timestope is designed or structured around the principal of time, you can only earn 1 Timsestope in 1 hour, so indirectly you can only earn 24 Timestope in 24 HRS.

All you have to do to start earning is download the Timestope app from Google Play Store and sign up.

One important step to follow while signing up for the Timestope app is to  “providing a referral/sponsor/witness ID” a witness ID is simply the username of the person that refereed you, you will NOT be able to finish the sign up process without providing a witness ID.

The reason for the importance of the witness ID is due the reason that timestope works in security circle so as time goes by members would have to verify each other.

For the sake of the record, my witness ID is “Slooreviews” once you type in Slooreviews click on the check button and it would verify if the referral code is correct, after which your registration would be complete and you can start mining.


Earlier I said you can only mine 1 timestope per hour and 24 timestope per 24 hours right? You can actually mine more than 24 in 24 hours if you have referrals.

The referral commission is 40% of whichever amount your referral earn, in this case whereby everyone can only earn 24 in a day, you get around 9.6 from each referral in a day and that’s 40% of 24 timestope.

Take for example if you have 200 referrals them you would earn 40% from each of your referral which is 9.6 timestope from each of them, earning it from 200 people would give you 9.6 x 200 = 1,920 timestope in 24 hours from your 200 referrals.

If you earn 1,920 timestope daily for 30 days you would have earned around 57,600 timestope.


The value of 1 timestope as at the time of writing this article is around $0.013 that’s a bit above 1 cent, so if you are earning around 57,600 timestope from your 200 referrals in a month then that would 57,600 x $0.013 = $748 , that’s how much you can make with just 200 referrals.

I know referrals don’t come easily if you don’t have large followings or subscribers, I’ve derived a way you can get as much as 200 subscribers or more with little investment, the video thumbnail below would take you to the video.

Try as much as possible to act smart and start investing into the future.

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