Tonso Elite Investment Review: Is Tonso Elite Scam or Legit

Tonso Elite is a portfolio investment platform that claims to invest into forex and stocks.

There is nothing bad investing into those markets mentioned up there, but, to do so you need experience in that line because the market is highly volatile and you blow up your trading capital easily with a wrong trade.

That been said, let’s head on to check if tonso elite is legitimate or a scam.

First point we’ll be checking is the registration with the necessary agency, the first agency is the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Tonso Elite is registered with CAC with the RC number 1684061 I tried to run the RC number through CAC site and it didn’t display any company so I had to search for the name tonso elite on CAC site and it brought out 2 different companies bearing almost the same name.

First one bears ”Tonso Elite Enterprise” with the CAC number RC 3043662 while the 2nd bears ‘’Tonso Elite Enterprise Limited’’ with the CAC number RC 1684061, I know it is not a big deal but what if anyone of the two is impersonating the other? If that is the case then how do you know which one is correct? Or legitimate?.

Though I blamed that on the CAC, I see no reason why they should give room for different companies to bear the same name.
Note that registering with CAC doesn’t means an investment is legitimate or reliable, wazobia investment registered with CAC and they ran away with people’s money, same thing with Giftalworld and many other sites, therefore don’t let CAC registration trick you.

Below is the screenshot from the CAC site.

Tonso elite investment

2nd point is registration with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) , before you run investment on trading of stocks and forex for people, you must obtain a certificate from SEC.
Tonso Elite failed to obtain this certificate, the SEC certificate is more important than that of CAC.
Anyone can register their business be it barbing salon or amala joint with CAC, but SEC has to verify if this guys behind Tonso Elite meet up with the criteria before they start.

So in the real sense SEC would literally grab tonso elite as displayed in the image below and ask them “MF do you have the required knowledge, skills, finacial backings and insurance to take people money for such risky investment“? (lol, it won’t look that harsh, i was just kidding)

3rd point is their investment is just oral or written on the web, no proof to show they are really into the forex and stocks that they claimed to be into, I made a review about MBA Forex sometimes ago, you can watch it from the link below…..

They create videos and show their trading history, they are transparent more than Tonso Elite, hey! the comparison I made up there doesn’t mean MBA is legit, neither does it mean Tonso elite is a scam. But they should be more transparent with their dealings.

4th point is the CEO of tonso elite came into my whatsapp DM to make a threat cause I pointed out the risk of dealings with his company, he reached out to me on whatsapp after I got countless thumbs down and dislike on the video (lol).

Below is screenhots from our conversation, he accused me of libel and slander.

The truth is always bitter, I don’t care how he feels about my review, I care about the masses and will always make reviews to warn them if I see any red flag in any investment, so you will do well to subscribe to our YouTube Channel Slooreview, Click Here to subscribe.

It is a common thing for people to praise platforms like tonso elite after cashing out from it once or twice so expect all sort of appraisal and positive reviews and nice comments about tonso elite, but here at Slooreviews we look paste that and weigh the odd and see where things can go wrong so you won’t be caught off guard when it happens.

There were countless of hate comment on my channel on youtube and blog when I created video about wazobia investment and pennywise investment, but right now many people regretted joining the platform, so I will advice you don’t follow mass action and let the comments push you to act impulsively.

To cap it up, I have a friend that has invested a million with Tonso Elite investment twice and has gotten his cash, but it doesn’t make it legit or scam, remember if tonso elite disappear into thin air today he will lose his money cause he has not made up to a million naira yet.

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