Top 6 social media sites to drive traffic to your blog

One of the best ways to drive massive traffic to your blog/website is through social media; social media traffic has played a vital role in my site’s audience.

Social media traffic is very vital and easy to target, top social media sites like faceook and the likes has millions of daily users already so all you have to do is get your content to them and see the outcome.

Traffic from social media are hard to pin down due to the fact that they have millions of content to look at so it will be a serious task to create a very catchy topic to take them away from their path.

How to Drive Website Traffic through Social Media?

The basics of driving website traffic through social media sites is by creating a profile, joining the right audience, create the right content, and know when to share the content.

For the rest of this article we’ll be considering how to drive traffic to blog site from facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, Quora and YouTube.

So fasten your seatbelt and let’s ride along.

How to generate traffic through facebook to my site?

Facebook is no doubt one of the best platform to drive traffic to a blog.

To get the most out of facebook traffic you must adhere to the platform rules and also be sure to take some smart steps.

Below are the steps to take in getting huge traffic from facebook.

Optimize your facebook page for website click.

This is one of the exciting feature on facebook page platform that must be well utilized for good traffic.

Your facebook page must carry your website link, one of the way to ensure that is to add your site’s URL to the about section of your page and to also add a learn more button or visit website button to your page.

This button is customizable so you can decide to rename it to whichever word that suit the action a visitor is going to perform on your site.

Below is the learn more button for this site and when you click on it, you will be automatically redirected to www.slooreviews.com

This way audience interested in the site won’t have to navigate to a web browser to punch in site’s URL.

  1. Share rich and fresh content on your website

To keep your site’s audience or to get new audience you must have good contents on your site always, no one will keep visiting your website if you don’t have good content on it.

Apart from the visitor, Google also won’t be your friend as you stopped giving its giant spider data to feed on.

Good and fresh content will keep bringing new people to your site and will also make old users come back to your site.

Your content must be very explanatory enough and must solve a problem; the size of the problem solved will determine the size of traffic your site will generate through that single content.

  • Optimize your content for sharing

To get your content to large audience, you must make it shareable, this is very simple to achieve with content management system like wordpress, a single plugin will give you this priceless feature for free.

There are countless plugins that can perform this type of function so you can just add one easily, if you don’t know which one to use them I will recommend SUMO share.

Below is an example of shareable content with social media share button.

top 6 social media sites to drive traffic to your blog

Also note that you have to tell your audience to share your content because they won’t do that willingly as they might see no need to do that.

But when you tell them to share your content to their social media pages you will be surprised how many of them will share it.

  • Good images

This is another point to consider in generating traffic from facebook to your blog site.

Each article must have a good featured image.

What did I mean by good featured image? If you have a content about how to make money through bitcoin and giftcard in Nigeria then your featured image must go in-line with the title and the content of the image.

It will be a bad idea to use a picture that mislead the audience as click bait, this will reduce the trust people have in your site and also increase your bounce rate, majority of the people who click on the link will leave within seconds once they notice the riot between the topic, featured image and the entire content.

Google hate high bounce rate so they may decide to demote your site which isn’t a good thing.

  • Good caption

There are millions of content going on facebook every minute so you have to put in serious work to stand out and get huge attention.

When you are about to post that your good content to facebook page or group, you must take note to add a good caption, a good caption is like a good summary of 10,000 words article in 5 words.

Another good way to view a caption is to say it’s like an entire ocean in a single drop.

The caption will either make you win the click or lose it, so take your time to invest time and creativity into your post’s caption.

  • Update your website

To stay relevant, your site must be updated, technology is advancing so new things are coming up and in most cases, these new things are better than the old ones so we all like to move to the new version, the same thing is applicable to site.

Apart from your site content which you have to update every time, the look and feel of your site too need to be updated.

Any site which is not responsive right now is very annoying and will also get punished by google.

Though most themes are mobile responsive, individuals still need to check the plugins to make sure they are updated to enable users to have good experience when using their site.

How to generate traffic through twitter to my site

Twitter is another great platform to generate traffic, there are countless tweets coming up every minutes so you have to be creative enough to carve out the best caption from the 280 words limit you have per tweet.

To generate traffic through twitter to any website, the below point must be carefully followed and deployed.

  1. Pin a tweet for constant attention

It’s practically impossible to have all your audience online 24/7 and to see your entire tweets, to make your important tweet reach more audience you can simply pin your tweet.

You can only pin a tweet at a time so you will do well to pin the most important one so you can drive more traffic to the pinned tweet source which in this case is your blog.

  • Add your website URL to your profile

One of the best way to drive traffic from twitter to your website is by adding your website link to your twitter profile, often times I do stumble on new profile on twitter and click through link on their profile to have a good look.

As a blogger it’s a must for you to add your link to your twitter profile  so new people can discover it from your profile, all your online presence must carry your site url.

Below is a screenshot of how a good profile looks like on twitter with site url link.

  • Find the best time to tweet

It’s also very important to know the best time to tweet to drive more traffic to your site from your twitter account.

From research I learnt that the best time to tweet to get good engagement is between 9am – 5pm and 1 am for the night owls (lol).

You can just schedule some post for that 1 pm time frame so you don’t turn to night owls like them.

Another way to determine the best time to tweet is to check your followers active time using tweriod this way you will have a clear idea on what time to put up your best tweet.

  • Share old post

It’s no doubt that more than 80% of your followers won’t see your tweet, to avoid issues like this, you can add a simple revive old post plugin to your website so it can retweet old post to your audience to give the post more traffic.

Who knows it might be the exact thing some of your subscribers are looking for.

  • Encourage readers to share your content

It is important to encourage your readers to share your content on twitter and other social media platforms.

The bitter truth is that it’s just a few of your readers that will share your post in their social media pages even after you encourage them to do so.

So it’s important you inform them if you want to have any share at all.

How to generate massive traffic from instagram to your website

Instagram is well known for its ability to generate huge traffic to website, but unlike facebook and twitter, instagram is quite different and requires different approach to get optimum traffic from it.

Below are steps to follow to get huge traffic from instagram.

  1. Add links to your instagram stories

One of the proven ways to drive traffic from instagram to your website is by adding your content link to your instagram stories, a good percentage of people that likes the story will like to have a look at the full write-up.

So adding your link will come in handy at this point as its will easily redirect interested individual to your site with just a click.

  • Ask your audience to direct message you

Another good way to drive traffic through instagram is to encourage you’re your followers to direct message you about question(s) they need answer to, if the question is within your area of specialty then you can create content on it and give them a link to it.

This way you will have ready consumer for your unwritten article, you can as well decide to give them link to other resources on third party site.

It all depends on you.

  • Use instagram stories to tease your audience

Giving people a prior notice about a tip of the iceberg is a good marketing strategy.

In creating your content, you can take screenshot like what I did while writing this post, post the screenshot on instagram stories and see what your audience have to say.

Some of them will even tell you the area to cover for them, some will ask you questions that will help you to create the best content ever!

Below is a teaser of this write-up on my facebook page.

top 6 social media sites to drive traffic to my blog
  • Track your links

To know which of the options gives you the best result, you might want to use services like bit.ly to track your links to know which method to stick to in your other subsequent posts.

  • Optimize your website for mobile viewing

I already mentioned this point before, try as much as possible to make your website mobile friendly so visitors won’t get pissed off and leave your site.

To avoid this, you have to make your theme responsive and keep your plugins updated always.

How to generate massive traffic from pinterest to my website

Pinterest is another great platform to drive traffic to your site, the image sharing website can also be another great source of constant traffic for your website.

Put the following point into consideration to boost your traffic.

  1. Focus on your description

When pinning your picture on pinterest, remember to give it the best description. A good description will highlight the importance of the post behind the picture.

If your description is captivating enough then your followers might want to have a look at what you have in store for them.

A good description should be helpful, detailed, interesting and actionable.

  • Pin at the right time

Just like twitter facebook or instagram, pinterest isn’t any different, you have to plan and know when to have your content out to face the whole world.

Below is a picture of the best time frame to pin on pinterest and some proven facts.

6 top social media sites to drive traffic to my blog
  • Create Pin-worthy images

To get many pin from your pinned picture, such picture must be unique and pin-worthy.

A pin-worthy image must have the following qualities.

  • It has to be in the right size and resolution, the ideal dimension for pinterest image is 165 x 165 pixels.
  • The image must be very stunning and not high graphic picture, this means you have to go out of your way to be very creative to get the best result.
  • Another thing that is worth doing to guarantee good traffic is including text in your image, also just the 2nd point, be creative when doing this.
  • Join pinterest group board

Another good move to ensure good traffic from pinterest is by joining pinterest group board.

Members of such group will see any content you share in the group and will be more willing to take an action.

How to generate traffic to my site from Quora

Quora is no doubt the best Q&A (question and answer) platform out there, so you can ask question, answer question on quora, and good news is, you can also answer your own question.

At the end of each answer, you can add a footnote link or source url which will serve you greatly in bringing in new traffic.

Below are the points to consider in driving traffic from Quora.

  1. Pick the right interests

To drive more traffic from Quora, one have to choose a space or niche and stick to it, you will keep getting question in your interested area, you can also research a good question that lack detailed answer so you can provide the best answer to it.

If you keep to your interest and try to be the best in it then you will no doubt have massive followers that will end up turning to great web traffic.

  • Start with a killer profile bio

One of the surest ways of driving traffic to your site is by adding your website’s url to your profile and market yourself.

Make it simple, straight and professional; avoid the bluff as it won’t help your traffic here.

Apart from your blog url, you can as well add link to your social media pages, a good example of a good Quora profile is my profile in the picture attached below.

6 top social media sites to drive traffic to my blog

You can follow me on Quora to learn how to drive massive traffic to your website from the content I post on there.

  • Use the question to develop a full fledge article

The best way to drive most traffic is by asking the question yourself and also provides answer to it, I do this a lot, most time and they always provide good result.

Once you are able to provide good answer readers will develop interest in your content.

  • Answer question like a PRO

In answering your question you must approach it like you are writing a blog post for your website, don’t be in a rush to give a short answer, always have the mindset of providing the best answer to any question you decide to attempt.

Other points worth mentioning under this number 4 are:

  • Use visual content when answering question, answers with good picture will attract more readers. Adding pictures to write up is said to increase readability.
  • Be exhaustible- this simply means your answer must cover all around the question, your answer should be the type that people will read and be like “I’m good to go, I don’t have any more question”. Don’t be afraid that your answer is getting too long; though it will be a mistake to unnecessarily make your answer long.

Avoid the bluff and only mention the vital point, keep your answer relevant.

  • Another point to consider here is proper formatting, in answering any question, be sure to plan your content and be ready to go for the kill.

How to drive traffic to my website through youtube

Youtube is a very good tool in driving traffic to website, personally I have a youtube channel for this blog, most of our contents are available in video version on youtube, you can check it out and subscribe so you can stay updated for new fresh contents.

When you search for “how to make fake video call on hangout” on google search, the first video is mine, below is a screenshot of it from a search I made.

6 top social media sites to drive traffic to my blog

In the video description I included a link  to the main article on my site, this way people who watched the video can visit my site to read the article.

Below is a screenshot of the video description on youtube

6 top social media sites to drive traffic to my blog

Another way to drive traffic through youtube is by telling your audience to visit your website for a particular content or resource and also tell them the benefit of such material or content so they can be compelled to visit.

Why YouTube for Traffic?

With an impressive three billion daily views, this video-sharing platform stakes its claim as the world’s second-largest search engine (behind Google) and is considered the third most-visited website in the world. Think YouTube is only for Justin Bieber fans? Think again.

As a marketer, there’s an absolutely incredible potential with YouTube if you deploy the right strategy. Imagine each of your videos as “mini websites.”

First, your content can get found from within YouTube itself.

You will do well to follow this post to the very end and practice all the point mentioned in it.

Are you sure you read through this post? If yes drop a comment so I can congratulate you and check out your website to see things you can change to gain more traffic.

If you are inspired by this post then drop a comment and share this post with your friends on social media.

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