10 Top affiliate programs that pay high commission (2020)

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top affiliate programs that pay high commission

There are numerous ways to make money on the internet and one of them is through affiliate marketing.

Do you want to earn high commission from affiliate programs? This article will highlight the top affiliates programs that pay high commission.

So I will advise you hang on to this article to know which top affiliate programs you can try your hands at.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting other people’s product on your blog or to your email list and by doing so you will get paid when those you referred make an impression or purchase such product.
From that explanation up there, it is easy to point out that earning money from affiliate program is not only when those you refereed purchase what you advertise to them.

In some cases, you can get paid if your referrals make good impression on the site such signing up for newsletter or mail list, but it’s worthy to note that you can only get high commission when your referral makes a purchase.

10 Top affiliate programs that pay high commission

Below is the list of the top affiliate programs carefully hand-picked for you to boost your earnings.

1.Click Bank

Did you know you can make some money as Click Bank affiliate marketer on your website?

Ever heard of ClickBank?

ClickBank is arguably one of the best affiliate program to try out, they pay high commission and has wide range of digital products you can promote to your audience on your website.

It’s important to note that one cannot succeed as affiliate marketer without audience, most top affiliate programs won’t accept your application to promote their products if you don’t have a serious audience.

One of the serious ways to create audience in through  blogging, learn how to start a blog with little or no capital and also learn how to drive traffic to your blog site.

Getting started with Clickbank affiliate

Clickbank is one of the top affiliate programs that pay high commission so you they pretty much have standards, to join their affiliate program you have to take some simple steps.

These simple steps are explained below.

  1. Open a Clickbank account

To open a Clickbank affiliate program click HERE, you asked to fill your details which include email, bank info and other information.

After you open the affiliate account you can move on to the next point.

  • Getting Paid

There are two method of getting paid through the Clickbank platform, either by direct deposit to your bank account or by check.

Payment is issued out every 2 weeks once you meet the payment threshold.

  • Choosing Products

There are large varieties of product you can promote from the Clickbank platform, you can visit click bank official site to check them out.

Products are arranged in other of popularity, you can also search for your desired product to promote.

Information commission on each product is displayed underneath each product once you’re logged in through you affiliate details.

2.Amazon Affiliate Program/Associates

Amazon affiliate program popularly known as Amazon associates is one of the top affiliate programs that pay high commission, they have been around for a very long time which shows they are really good at what they do.

Just like Clickbank, you can choose to promote any product of your choice depending on the type of audience you have.

How to Become Amazon Affiliate

I once said every top affiliate programs will like to have people with large audience advertise products on their platforms, Amazon is not an exception.

So to join amazon affiliate program you must put the following into consideration.

  1. Create a website or blog

You won’t make any money if you intend to grab a product affiliate link and send it to your whatsapp contact or just paste it on facebook, within minutes other post will cover it up and people won’t have the chance to see it much.

Worst is if those that end up seeing it are not people looking for such product.

To avoid this kind dreadful situation, you need a blog or website, for example if you have a blog in the agriculture niche you can easily recommend products to your readers, if they need the products they will go for it and during that process you will earn an affiliate commission.

To make things more even, you need recommend products you have trust in so your readers who end up buying the products will be happy after using it making it a win-win situation for both parties.

So to get targeted audience, you need a website or blog, you can also generate opt-in from your site to create mail list.

You can read my article on how to start a blog with little or no capital to know how to go about it and start your blog, if you have a blog already then I will suggest you read up on how to make money through affiliate marketing and how to generate massive traffic to your blog.

  • Visit The Amazon Associates Homepage

The 2nd point here is heading on to Amazon site to fill out the registration form to become an affiliate marketer of their products.

The acceptance to this affiliate program is not automatic so they will have to review your application and decide to approve it if you meet their standard.

They hold the right to turn down the application too, but hey, don’t get discouraged yet, try it out first, at least it won’t hurt.

  • Build Your Amazon Associates Profile

After your application have reviewed and approved, you will have to done some little tweaking to your profile to make it eye appealing.

I won’t say much about this step, if you can’t design your profile enough you can hire and individual to do that for you, best places to see such talents at extremely cheap rates is freelance sites like fiverr etc.

  • Create Amazon Affiliate Link

This step also is very important but very simple, all you have to do is look for product with high commission, create affiliate link for them and promote it to your audience and watch your money grow like grass (winks).

3.Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable is an online course creation platform like Udemy, it has had over 10 million students taking over 250k courses since starting.

This shows the platform has large audience which shows there is bright future for e-learning in years to come.

Like every other top affiliate programs that pay high commission, teach registration also is not automatic, after you fill the form, they will have to manually review and approve your application.

After your application is approved you can then move on to get your referral link to promote teachable, you can read my article on how to make money online by creating and selling online courses on teachable and other great platforms.

Affiliates earn 30% lifetime commission on a 90-day cookie.

The average commission per sale, per month is $20.70.

Teachable average customer stays with them for 8 months, so you can expect an average of $165.60 per sale.

4.Namecheap Affiliate Program

Namecheap is a web hosting and domain registration company, they are much known and literally one of the best at what they do, personally I used Namecheap for the hosting of this blog.

Namecheap offer affiliate program also and many have made sizable amount of money from it, it’s time you make money from it too.

How does namecheap affiliate program works?

Just like any other top affiliate programs , namecheap  affiliate program pay high commission and they also manually review each applicant before approving them to be their affiliates.

Below are the explanation on how namecheap affiliate program works.

  1. Sign Up

To become are namecheap affiliate, you have to sign up and fill the appropriate form for it, usually it takes less than 24 hours to approve applicants, I applied for their affiliate program during week days and I got approved in less than 24 hours.

I don’t know how long it will take on weekend days

2.Get Your Affiliate Link

Namecheap will provide you with a default affiliate link that will leads to their site homepage, if you want a unique affiliate link that will lead to a specific page then you have to create that, such feature exist and it will no doubt increases revenue for any affiliates.

For example if you’re recommending namecheap SSL (secure socket layer) certificate which I also use for this my site, then you can create a special link that will take any interested buyer to the exact page to make payment for the exact product you recommend.

3.Watch Your Campaign Grow

One good thing about Namecheap affiliate marketing is that it provides insight on how each of your ads point is performing and converting, this way you can strategize and figure out which of the ads works best for you.

I think this is a good feature.

What are the products you promote on namecheap?

Below is the list of the product offered by namechpea.

  • Hosting Packages
  • Domain Names
  • SSL Certificates
  • Premium Domains
  • Private Email
  • WHOIS Guard

What are the namecheap commission rates?

Domain 20%

Hosting Packages 35%

SSL Certificates 35%

Private Email 20%

WhoisGuard 20%

PremiumDNS 20%

Click here to join Namecheap affiliate.

Some points that worth mentioning are:

Namecheap pay out regularly through multiple payout option.

It is quick and easy to setup.

They have awesome customer service to run to in times of need.

5. eBay Affiliate Program

One of the top affiliate programs that pay high commission is eBay, this pretty easy to join and earn.

Mind you, just like every other top affiliate programs, eBay too review applicants manually before they can approve their application into their affiliates program.

How to join eBay affiliate program

To join eBay affiliate program all you have to do is simples as the steps that follows.

Step 1: Open your browser and navigate to the eBay partner Network website. Click the “Apply Now” button on the right side of the page to go to the application page.

Step 2: Click the check boxes next to the program for which you will want to apply. All programs are selected by default.

Step 3: Check to agree to the terms and condition, fill out your payment details which can be PayPal or direct bank which you will have to provide your account number and routing number.

In the case of PayPal, you can read my article on how to create a PayPal account in unsupported countries and withdraw your funds from ATM.

After you submit your application you will have to wait till you get approved or declined, in either cases, eBay will send you a mail to notify you of their decision.

It is also good to let you know that eBay now operates on 2 hours cookies time, this means whichever person you refer to eBay must buy a product within the next 2 hours, if he or she failed to do so, then you won’t get any commission from any purchase such referral makes later. (Personally I hate this aspect of their program).

6. Rakuten Affiliate Program

This is one of the top affiliate program out there to join, ruketen formerly known as linkshare for 6 years in a row was voted as the #1 affiliate network by MThink.

Rakuten is free to sign up and has over 1,000 merchant to choose from, they also have user-friendly dashboard.

Rakuten run tech-integrated Ads and they are well known for their rotating Ads format which is said to have high conversion.

Once you’re approved by each individual advertiser, ad units are easy to create. Just select what kind of ad you’d like, and you’ll receive the needed code.

Rakuten also has a reporting system to help you adopt easily to the platform and how your ad units and performing.

It is also worthy to mention that Rakuten does not have PayPal payout option and Rakuten is for the big guys alone.

If you are not at the top of your league with massive traffic then I will advise you look away at other options.

7. Bluehost Affiliate Programs

Bluehost is one of the top affiliate programs that offer high commission, with bluehost you earn around $65 to $130 for each new customers you sent their way.

Bluehost affiliate has been around for a long time, they started way back in 2004, they have millions of customers as a result of their awesome services.

They offer a performance-based reward program, affiliates can use a combination a combination of online tools to generate leads such as banners ad, promotional blog post and other means like email blasting etc.

Features of Bluehost affiliate program

Bluehost affiliate program has some great features that are worth mentioning.

Below are those features.

  1. Large one-time payout

With bluehost you can pile up your referral earning and receive it once, they use PayPal as one of their payout options so one can think PayPal charges will be taken out of someone’s earning right ?

Well that’s not true, Bluehost bears the PayPal charges so you can get your money in full, sounds great right? Yeah it’s actually great.

2. Superior Affiliate Support Team

Once you are approved as Bluehost affiliates you will be assigned a special support team that will help you with recommendations and ways to improve your ads conversion so you can earn more and stay happy.

3. Strong Conversion Rates

Bluehost has made a big name for themselves already so you have to do much than to reach out to new people that needs a website to patronize them.

Recommending Bluehost is not about the commission alone, rather it is about the awesome services they render, one of my site is with bluehost currently and I know how awesome there services are.

8. CJ Affiliate Program

This popularly known as CJ affiliate publishers program, it is one of the oldest and biggest affiliate network.

All of their offers are CPA (cost per action) which means publishers get paid only when users convert into either a lead, subscriber, sale or something other than action beyond a mere impression or click.

CJ minimum payout threshold is $50.

How to join CJ affiliate program

To join CJ affiliate program, all you have to do is access CJ website and click on the publisher button on the site and fill out the form, accept the terms and conditions after you read them and don’t have personal issues with them.

Like every other top affiliate program, CJ will also take their time to review your submission before giving you a go ahead to participate in the affiliate program.

Features of CJ affiliate program

CJ affiliate has some good features, below are the list of them.

  1. Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

The CJ has a feature that enables affiliates to monitor and get report on-the-go.

  • Lead Generation

CJ make it possible for advertisers who want to create email list of targeted traffic, this is very important in the affiliate marketing world, you can use them to create your mail list at cost of course.

Some of the features include;

  • Toolbox
  • Deep Link Generator
  • Deep Link Automation
  • Widgets
  • Viewthrough Tracking
  • Pay per Call
  • Site to Store
  • Pay for Performance

9. Smartweb Affiliate Program

Smartweb is Nigeria based web hosting and domain rehistration company, they are arguably one of the best in Nigeria with very affordable hosting.

With the current situation of things in Nigeria, many newbies at blogging will prefer to get a free domain and only pay for hosting to test their hands at blogging before they actually invest some amount of money.

If you fall into that category then smartweb is the best place to run to, they offer a free domain with the .com.ng domain extension, you can read my article on how to start a blog with little or no capital to have a good idea of how the free domain works.

How to join Smartweb affiliate program

This is the simplest question, all you have to do is access smartweb official site and scroll the bottom of the page to click on affiliate marketing button to sign up for it.

How to make money with smartweb affiliate program

To make money with the smartweb affiliate program all you have to do is spread the word; you can do that through email, web post, or banner ads to increase your revenue.

What is Smartweb affiliates commission?

Smartweb pay $15 commission to affiliates members on each person referred, if you refer someone and such person buy a product of NGN 4,500 then your take home is 15% of the money which is NGN 675.

This isn’t a great money but if you have much people using your affiliate link then it will surely amount to something on the long run.

10. Expertnaire Affiliate Program

Expertnaire is Nigeria #1 affiliate program with high commission, you can get as high 50% affiliate commission on a single product sold via the product.

This is said to be the Nigerian version of Clickbank, you can join expertnaire and start making a great deal of money monthly by promoting good products to your audience.

How to make money from expertnaire affiliate program

There are two ways of making money from the expertnaire platform.

  1.  it’s either you create a product and promote it via the platform
  2. Or you promote other people’s products and earn a commission.

Either of the two ways up there, many Nigerians have earned millions from the platform.

Why not pick up your writing materials or your large social media followers and make some clean money today?

11. SEMRush Affiliate Program

SEMRush is a well-known tool for SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research with over 5,000,000 users. BeRush is the official SEMrush Affiliate Program with a 40% lifetime commission from all SEMrush subscriptions.

You can join the program for free in less than a minute and thanks to their pre-approval system you can instantly access all resources to start promoting and earning with BeRush. BeRush provides affiliates with the pre-designed banners, widgets, landing pages, and E-books all in 5 languages. They also have an extra earning way such as Performance Incentives, Contests with monetary rewards, Welcome Bonuses for newbies, etc.

BeRush supports a first-click attribution model and a generous 10 years of cookie life. You can join the Program here – https://tinyurl.com/qnazet6

I know this article is lengthy, I don’t expect you to read all once, you can bookmark this page so you can keep returning to it to digest this article and get to know how you can make tons of money from the affiliate programs listed here.

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