Transparentichain.com Review, Legit or scam?

Transparentichain.com ? Ladies and gentlemen it has been a while i posted article on here, I’ve been on Youtube posting videos, but I’m back now.

So i stumbled on this site called transparentichain.com and made a review about them on youtube but they flood Youtube support with complaint so Youtube had to remove the video.

Let’s narrow down into transparentichain.com services if we can benefit anything from it, if they are legitimate or not.

Transparentichain is an investment platform where the least you can invest is $50 approximately 18,250 and you get 20% of the invested money in 15 days, 20% of 18,250 is 3,650.

What is skeptic about this program is that, they claimed they invest into forex, to run an investment platform in Nigeria you must be registered with SEC (Securities and Economic Commission) , our beloved transparentichain.com is not registered with any of them (either SEC or CAC.)

We don’t know who is behind the program, they decided to stay lowkey so when things fall through then they can just disappear into thin air without traces.

To invest money this days is very risky and you must do thorough research before you invest your money with faceless people, individuals without identity.

Boxvalue claim to invest into forex sometimes ago and promise 10% return in 10 days or thereabout , it turns out to be scam, SEC (Securities & Economic Commission) sealed their offices up, i took a tour to one of their office in an area called Bodija in ibadan and took some pictures, you can read my article about boxvalue and see the pictures.

Another disheartening thing about transparentichain is that they don’t have contact phone number, you can only contact them through their email which is a very poor forms of comminucation.

Some individuals claim they got paid through transparentichain, they called me to lash out and rants, i’m very sure they are part of the admin of transparentichain so i asked him to provide proof of payment and he said actually it was his friend that was paid.

Scammers that start online investment program don’t scam you immediately you join, they payout for the first 3 months so many people can join before they disappear into thin air.

I wrote a review about racksterly a month before it crashed, i wrote about giftalworld before it crashed too.

Stay away from transparentichain.com if you can’t contact them through phone number, stay away from transparentichain.com if you can’t trace the individuals behind them, stay away from transparentichain.com if they are not registered with any agency in Nigeria, if they end scamming you, you won’t have anyone to turn to like the time of MMM.

That being said, you can throw your money into it if $50 is drop in an ocean for you, but still don’t be too over expectant so you won’t be disappointed.

One last thing, what is the bitcoin logo doing on the right side or their site? i thought they are into forex and bitcoin? such a lame move..lol.

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