Treasure Capital Forex Investment Review.

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Treasure Capital Forex Investment Review.

Forex trading and investment has been on the trend for a while now as a means to make money online. Although, it’s not an ideal way to make money on online because of its risk-taking nature, it is often recommend by economic industry experts to make money from— Forex— it, oftentimes has period of profit and periods of drastic loss. However, nonetheless, people have made a lot of money from Forex.

We’ve traded on many delusive Forex trading platforms and websites in the past: the likes of MBA Forex, Traders, Box Value, and other fraudulent capital investments. 

In this article, I’ll do a honest review of Treasure Capital Forex Investment. 

On the homepage, it says that Forex investors can generate 150% ROI in just 30 working days.

How to Start Trading on Treasure Capital Forex Investment.

When you decide to try this out, remember that you should use the spare money you have; something you can just give out. It’s recommended to start trading between $10-20, this is quite advisable for a try out. Now when you get your $10 ready, make sure it’s equivalent to the current exchange rate in your country. For instance, in the Nigerian naira, $10 is equivalent to ₦4,500 or thereabouts. Now do the following:

Log on Treasure Capital

Sign up

After that, action, you’ll be directed to your dashboard that comes with $2 bonus prepared for you. 

Wheb you log in, you’re greeted with a message like in the picture below:

Your Withdrawal Eligibility Score is Zero. 

This is because you’ve not performed any action or activity on the play form.

To start doing some activities on Forex Investment, then you can rent a trading bot.

When you click on rent a trading bot, you’ll be required to deposit at least a small amount worth of  ten dollars.



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