TwentyXpro Review: Is www.twentyxpro.com Legit or scam?

I created a video on my YouTube channel Slooreviews  so the site’s CEO reached out to me with threat messages so I had to pull the video down, how legitimate is twentyxpro? How can one make money with twentyxpro?

In the below video you will learn how to twentyxpro operates and how they can be beneficial to you.

What services do they offer at twentyxpro.com?

The only service I know they offer at twentyxpro.com is courses, basically it is free to join their platform once you join register at twentyxpro.com you will  have to pay a one-time payment of 20 Euro to have access to their courses.

TwentyXpro offers different courses at several different levels, from education, marketing, sales, human resources, SEO and finally being able to obtain your own Gold Bar by climbing the levels of success to obtain your financial independence.

Everyone can participate at a level that meets their financial needs.

The confusing part is the gold, after you pay the one-time payment of 20 euro you have access to their courses, you can earn by referring others and can also own some gold.

I couldn’t really pinpoint how many ounce of gold you get after registration or per referral.

I can’t also pinpoint where the gold will be kept, maybe with the site or individuals as soon as they pay up the 20 euro.

At least the entire public need to know all of this, I hope they reach out to me this time with the right answers.

Is www.twentyxpro.com legit or scam?

If the gold is disbursed out at the point of paying the 2o euro then twentyxpro.com is legit.

If the gold is going to remain with the site until it reaches a certain threshold then twentyxpro.com is not secure, programs like forsage is far better as your earning are sent directly to your private wallet in real time without the admin interference, it is also worth mentioning that forsage has no admin, you can watch my videos about forsage x3 and x4 below.

Forsage x3

Forsage x4

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