Viraltrend vs racksterly: Which of the two is worth your time?

Viraltrend or racksterly? Which of this tow have you tried your hands at or planning to try out?

Vrialtrend is one out of many ways to earn passive income online, same thing goes to racksterly.

I have taken a good look at the two services and have made an honest review of them in my previous posts.

If you missed the post then you can catch up on them via the links below.

Viraltrend review

Racksterly review.

I will compare the two platforms and highlight their pros and cons so you can be sure what you’re about to get yourself into.

Racksterly review: is racksterly legit or scam?

Racksterly is a platform that claims companies who needs exposure do come to them for adverts.

That cannot be true, let’s think of it this way, will you advertise your company to racksterly?

Any adverts carried out on the platform is not a targeted ads, people who knows how ads really operates will rather run their ads on Google, Facebook or popular ads serving platforms.

Don’t miss out!!!

Racksterly pay you daily, they pay 9% of any package you join daily for 30 days, at the end of the 30 days you get nearly 2x of your invested capital.

That looks like a good business return on investment but it’s a very bad business models.

No business running such interest rates can survive, even if companies pay them for ads still they can’t afford to double your principal amount.

Less than 3 months ago LOOM made people lose their money the same way MMM did back then, buy now I’m expecting everyone should have learnt their lesson and should have known good programs to invest their time and money into.

I’m disappointed when I see people posting about it, one thing I noticed is that people love quick riches, quick money, even Google that make billions of dollars monthly from AdSense revenue are not running their ads system this way.

Racksterly is paying out currently doesn’t mean it will pay out for the long run, it’s a matter of months before everything folds up and those who ends up losing money will learn another lesson.

The problem with people is they don’t get to use the lesson they learnt.

We learnt our lesson from MMM, NNU, LOOM amongst many others but here we go again sharing links up and down about racksterly.

Final Judgment

I will advise you to invest the amount you can afford to lose that’s if you must.

After the first payout, don’t double your investment, don’t dare.

You can make the same investment with the amount, for example if you go for the $18 package for the first time and you earn $36 after a month, take your initial invested capital of $18 and return $18 into the racksterly platform, that way you won’t be affected if the fairy tale ends.

Viraltrend review: Is viral legit or scam?

Viraltrend is quite similar to racksterly, the difference is that viraltrend don’t claim that companies come to them for ads; you either join viraltrend as publisher or advertiser.

To earn as publisher on viraltrend, you have to carry out small operations or tasks.

These tasks includes liking Facebook page, YouTube channel subscription, Facebook posts likes and comments, integral likes and comments etc.

Viraltrend claims individuals who carries out these tasks earn as high as 90% of the task cost.

In other words if I need “Facebook page likes” which cost NGN7/like (7 Naira) on viraltrend platform, I can simply order 300 likes at N7 which will be N2, 100 or N2, 250 plus transaction charges.

If you’re an influencer with over 15k followers/subscribers on any social media and you’re interested in the gig you can apply for it and promote my page till I get my 300 likes and you get 90% of the N2,100 I paid which is around N1,890.

Sounds fair to me compared to racksterly skyscraper ROI.

To earn as advertiser you can source for people looking for likes, you can do this through freelancing.

You can charge N10 per like, follower or subscriber and put the advert up on viraltrend at N7 per like, follower or subscriber.

This is how good business operates.

One disappointing factor I will like you to know about the viraltrend platform is there might be delay in your order.

I ordered 300 Facebook page like on their site and till now I’ve not gotten my 300 likes, I only got 42 as at time of writing this article.

     Though I’m still chatting them to know how the 300 likes will work out and become a reality.

I have proof of all payment with their representative; I might choose to upload it later if they fail to keep up to their promise.

Good businesses pay you for tangible work done, not just some simple share to double your money in 30 days frame.

Final conclusion

Viraltrend is worth the time if you play y our game right as publisher, racksterly is a no no from, I won’t advice anyone I know to access the site url at all.

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7 responses to “Viraltrend vs racksterly: Which of the two is worth your time?”

  1. What is true about the racsterly that the program is end

  2. […] wrote a critique review of vriraltrend and racksterly where i compared the two platform,take a look at it before you venture into anyone of […]

  3. Promise says:

    Racksterly is legit, to this writer, i believed you’ve not been paid to claim racksterly a scam.

    Based upon that fact, i will commend you for advising people based on your view because people need caution anyway.

    But as for me, racksterly is the only online platform that earn my trust. Because according to legitimate source, their paymest platform really disappointed them that one which is paystack. But whichever way they refund my registration fee on the 3rd of February 2020

    After a subscription purchased on 7th December 2019

  4. Nicholas kadiri says:

    Virsltrend is the best for earning through social media.

  5. Esther says:

    Aside Viral Trend is there another website that creates tasks like these
    For youTube.

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