Wazobia Investment Review: Is Wazobia Invest Legit or Scam?

Ever heard of wazobia investment? This will be my honest wazobia invest review.

Wazobial investment (Wazobia.cash) promise to give back 50% return on investment (ROI) in 3 days, meaning if you invest 100 thousand naira, you will get 150 thousand back in 3 days, isn’t that crazy?

There was a rumor that Yul Edochie posted about it on instagram, don’t take that as assurance and start putting your hard earned money in such platform.

Yuledochie account had heavy criticism as to why he is promoting Ponzi schemes, but he didn’t reply anyone, you know what that implies? It means if wazobia investment closed down this moment Yul Edochie won’t say a word regarding the platform.

Wazobia investment can’t be real (it has to be scam)

It is crazy to believe a crazy investment platform like wazobia investment is real, no free money anywhere, be it on internet or planet earth, so where is wazobia investment getting the money to pay 50% return in 3 days? Banks and companies don’t pay up to 20% in a year, but here is wazobia investment with the rooftop return in 3 days.

If you lose a dime to wazobia investment then you should be ashamed that you fell for this trick, and you shouldn’t be trusted by others when it comes to money handling, how on God’s earth will anyone with functioning brain will think it’s possible to get 50% on investment in 3 days.

What is wazobia investment investing into?

To offer 50% ROI in 3 days wazobia investment must be investing into something crazy that bring huge returns in seconds, unfortunately there is no such thing that gives such crazy ROI in 3 days.

Watch my youtube review of wazobia investment from the thumbnail below.

Wazobia investment owe us explanation of what they are investing into, is  it forex? Bitcoin or real estate? MMM practiced 30% for 30 days and they failed woefully, now wazobia investment is proposing 50% interest in 3 days and you are contemplating on putting your money?

Those participating in Wazobia Investment need deliverance and serious prayer and fasting so they don’t remain a personal maga for life (lol).

So ladies and gentlemen of the jury, wazobia investment is a scam, we’ll have to sit back and watch till everything end in tears, I wrote about racksterly, it ended up in tears, I wrote about giftalworld and it ended in tears, I wrote inksnation and very soon  those looking for free money will regret wasting money and time  on it.

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4 responses to “Wazobia Investment Review: Is Wazobia Invest Legit or Scam?”

  1. Terhemba Jerry says:

    Yes, you are right, a friend asked me to join yesterday, went through the site and the first question I asked was, what if a person refuses or fails to pay back, and she told me you will have to make a redeposit before you are able to withdraw your interest something of such, now look at how they will scam people, when majority have reinvested to be able to withdraw that’s when the real scam will show up…

  2. Thanks for the information.

  3. Ayodele Gbenga says:

    I want to be updated

  4. Ayodele Gbenga says:

    What are you people really dealing with?

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